Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ryan’s death via suicide after a serious illness?

Ryan starts to feel ill. (Image from ITV)

In a recent and potent Coronation Street episode, stalker Justin poured acid at Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) was injured in the face. Ryan’s rehabilitation has been anything but simple.

Ryan has already had a number of gruelling skin graft procedures due to burns on his face and other areas of his body, and he may need more in the future.

He has also been struggling with the psychological anguish of having permanent scars.

Ryan Prescott informed us about the struggles his character faces.

He needed to go through additional physical healing phases, which led to various realisations and degrees of acceptance and denial throughout the rehabilitation process, according to him.

It’s simple things like as he gains confidence, something will happen to shut him down when he goes out.

He’ll be there for three weeks straight, and I believe they intended to convey some sense of the realism of what it takes to reintegrate into society after such a horrific experience and a change in appearance.

In forthcoming episodes, Ryan starts to feel sick, and when Daisy goes to see him, she’s worried.

He claims he’ll contact Crystal in Ibiza and attempts to convince her that he doesn’t require childcare.

He is unaware that Daisy, who has been impersonating Crystal since the real Crystal said she didn’t see a future for herself and Ryan, is the one he is really messaging.

When Daisy sees him, she is worried. (Image from ITV)

Max Turner (Paddy Bever), who just returned to Weatherfield from the secure training centre where he was sent due to his participation in far-right activities, has caused Daniel (Rob Mallard) to worry.

Max struggles to express his emotions, so when Daniel discovers Daisy’s extra phone, he gives it to Max so he may use it to record anything that’s hurting him.

Max has a tremendous shock when he switches on the phone and listens a voicemail that has been left on it.

Ryan’s voice is heard. Ryan has sent an urgent message to “Crystal” from his house, where he is feeling very unwell, vomiting, and on the verge of passing out.

Max understands that Ryan’s life is in grave jeopardy as he listens. How will he act?

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