Spoilers for Emmerdale: Mandy destroys her future with struggling Paddy in tears

Mandy just wants Paddy to be happy because she loves him (ITV).

After spending so much time prioritising Paddy’s emotions in Emmerdale, Mandy (Lisa Riley), who has been pining for Paddy (Dominic Brunt) ever since their one-night stand a few weeks ago, suddenly recognises that she has to practise some self-care and ends the relationship.

When Mandy reaches her breaking point, she decides that this is the best course of action for her because it is said that the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.

That fateful night, Mandy’s emotions for our Pads rekindled. Paddy was made aware of them, but he made it plain to her that they could only be friends.

She has stuck by his side despite this and is committed to assist him in getting over his mental health crisis. However, staying close to Paddy has fueled her hope.

Later, when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy had a kiss, she was taken aback and has been tormented ever since by her affections for him.

There was still some chance, but Mandy eventually hits her breaking point and decides to painfully retake control.

Paddy stops over to have lunch with a jubilant Mandy while struggling with how he is handling the situation. She reassures him that he is managing his sorrow in a healthy manner, but as the tension between them rises, things change.

Does Mandy and Paddy have any chance? (Image from ITV)

Mandy is left unsure on what to do next, but they begin discussing their relationship and any ambiguity is resolved when they have a passionate kiss.

Even though Mandy has been secretly yearning for years to lock lips with Paddy, she has immediate regrets.

Mandy is mortified at herself for not applying the stops much earlier when Paddy senses something is wrong and hurries off, thinking he has passed a boundary.

The next day, a tearful Paddy apologises to her. Once again, Mandy represses her genuine emotions, accepts his apology, and covers her eyes so that Paddy may depart.

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) is concerned for his mother since she isn’t establishing limits, but she decides to keep going and announces her intentions for her next steps, including signing up for a dating app in order to eventually find her own true love.

They are both in this together when she persuades Liam (Jonny McPherson) to let her sign him up as well. Ping!

Vinny gently urges Mandy to pursue the new connection when she finds a match. Is Mandy’s new love hot or not? Or will Paddy be repelled by watching her approach?

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