May 4, 2023, in Emmerdale: Chloe takes baby Reuben to the hospital while Mack stands by in the background.

Absolute misery for several Dales locals (ITV image)

Next week, when we examine every episode of Emmerdale, which all have great drama, we will see how lives evolve in the fictional community.

This is especially true for Charity Dingle, whose world implodes when she learns that Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is the father of Reuben, the child of Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

Reuben’s condition is still severe, so Mack can’t stay away. As he and Chloe comfort one another, Charity comes to the hospital and is horrified by what she hears and sees.

Be prepared for an epic showdown!

Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) lets Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) leave despite his kissing her since her love for him is greater than ever.

Mandy is unsure of what limits to establish while Paddy punishes himself for letting things go too far.

Can these two resolve their issues?

Here is a preview of next week.

Paddy and Mandy may expect things to get hot shortly (ITV image).

When he agrees to come over for lunch, Mandy is pleased since Paddy concerns about how he’s handling the situation.

Soon after, Mandy reassures Paddy that he is processing his loss in a healthy manner, but as the exchange becomes sexual, Mandy is unsure of how to react.

Things quickly become hot as the two find up in a passionate snog as they discuss their relationship.

Paddy runs, furious that he’s gone too far, and Mandy smacks herself for allowing things to get to this point as she fears that they’ve made a mistake.

When Mack considers juggling his marriage with Charity and a secret life with his son, Nate worries that he is deluding himself.

After receiving a confirmed wedding date, a delighted Gabby drags Nicky upstairs.

Nicky, though, feels embarrassed after a failed attempt in the bedroom with Gabby. Nicky returns after an unauthorised meeting with Ally later that day.

As he deletes a message that could be used against him, Gabby is unaware.

The moment Gabby learned the wedding date was official, she dragged Nicky upstairs with joy.

But after a botched attempt in the bedroom with Gabby, Nicky is embarrassed. Later that day, Nicky returns after an unlawful encounter with Ally.

Gabby is unaware that he is deleting a communication that may be used against him.

Will is enraged by Cain’s mischief and decides to get revenge by confronting him in the garage, but he is ultimately compelled to give in and apologise.

Will throws a punch in response to Cain’s statement about Kim, which causes things to spiral out of control.

When Kim returns from her trip, she confronts Cain. When she insists that this is his final warning, he is left reflecting.

Mandy tells Vinny that she is planning to join up for a dating service while still longing about Paddy. Liam consents to Mandy setting him up for online dating as well. Vinny pushes Mandy to proceed when she receives a match of her own, but Mandy can’t help but think about Paddy.

Worried Mack can’t force himself to enter the hospital, so he sits outside. He ignores Charity’s call, who is concerned about what is really causing their argument.

When the consultant informs Chloe that Reuben will require another scan, Chloe becomes extremely concerned.

Nate soon becomes aware of Mack’s worry and asks Mack to see Reuben in the hospital. But because Charity is already seeking information about Mack’s strange behaviour, Mack will soon put their relationship at risk as he goes to the hospital.

The doctor soon informs Reuben’s parents that he is not displaying any indications of brain injury, which causes both parents to feel absolute relief.

When Chloe offers to bring him to see his son, Mack seizes the opportunity. Charity and Amy arrive at the hospital in the meanwhile, and when they learn that Reuben is recovering, they decide to surprise him with a visit.

But Charity is shocked to discover that Mack is Reuben’s father when she sees an unconcerned but emotional Mack with Reuben.

Paddy participates in a male club outside of the community. Paddy is first hesitant to talk since he doesn’t know the guys, but he ultimately does so to a sympathetic bunch and shares his problems.

He is forced to acknowledge the fact that he is not alone in his struggles.

Paddy develops relationships with certain other Man Club members. It is evident that Paddy is heading in the right way when he agrees to return.

Kim is concerned about Caleb’s potential allegiances.

Later, when Kim chooses to cancel their collaboration with Caleb because he botched the property acquisition for the stud farm, Caleb is furious. But as soon as he learns that Home Farm and Cain and Moira’s farm are neighbours, he comes up with a scheme.

When Caleb suggests a strategy to betray his own family in order to obtain the land they require, Kim is intrigued to see how far he will go.

When Rhona discovers Tom operating on Monty in the vet’s office, she is horrified and incensed. Tom is shocked later when Rhona does a U-turn and gives him a job offer.

Charity’s world implodes on Friday, May 12, as she attempts to comprehend what Mack and Chloe have done. Mack struggles to cope with the aftermath while Chloe waits for news, but it could be too late.

While Caleb hatches a plan to harm Cain and Moira, Tom seizes this new opportunity.

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