Coronation Street actors discuss Max’s new acquaintance who has “a screw loose” in detail.

Gav and Max are going to become close friends shortly (ITV image).

In tonight’s (May 5) Coronation Street episode, a new figure was introduced who is expected to have a significant influence on Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) life.

Gav, portrayed by Noah Olaoye in tonight’s episode, got into problems in Daniel Osbourne’s (Rob Mallard) class, and concerned Max will pick up on that conduct the next week.

Gav is a charming rogue, revealed actor Noah Olaoye.

He is not a bully and doesn’t use force; he is a genuinely likeable person, but he does have a screw loose. As a result, people are afraid of him—not because he will push them around the classroom, but rather because he might do something slightly out of character if you cross him.

Don’t mess with him even if he’s a decent man.

‘Interesting’ relationship between Gav and Max is about to begin, predicts Noah.

Every friendship will have highs and lows, and I believe Gav and Max’s will be no different. He clarified.

There will be a lot of trouble-making, and I believe that Gav has the mentality of “I might as well have fun while I am here!” whereas Max is simply trying to get through his time in the STC.

“Max will undoubtedly tell Gav to calm down.” Max and Gav are attempting to maintain their composure, while Gav is trying to get rid of his ennui. They are similar in some ways but quite different in others.

On May 5, Noah made his Gav debut (image courtesy of ITV).

I am interested to see how others will react to this connection since it is quite fascinating.

We will see a lot of trust being created between each other, but Paddy Bever added: “Perhaps that trust will be tested at some point.” Max is going to re-learn how to trust people.

He continued by saying that having a trustworthy companion around is “really important” for Max.

The issue is that Max trusts people too readily and subsequently loses them, or they betray him and let him down, or they take advantage of him. Max’s motivation in life is to locate a family or a substitute for the parents he has lost.

Max is unable to handle living alone since he lacks confidence and faith in himself.

Max needs someone like Gav to uplift and balance him out since Gav has a lovely, vivacious appeal that is so different from the way Max acts.

After Max’s life took a terrible turn as a result of the brainwashing by Griff and his right wing gang, Gav will try to bring out the best in him as their relationship grows.

I believe Gav will eventually bring, hopefully, some responsibility. Max will have the freedom to accept responsibility for his actions, grow from his errors, and change thanks to him, however. Paddy disclosed.

Max has a genuine desire to change his life. He is just 16 years old and still has a whole life ahead of him. He only has to take the time to reflect on his past errors. Max will also have a lot of fun and happiness because to Gav.

Not only Max and Gav get along well; according to Noah, Paddy is also’so beautiful’ to work with.

Before I acquired this position, I stalked everyone, I promise you that I won’t lie to you. He disclosed.

I was relieved to see that Paddy had received a National Television Award and thought, “No pressure then!” But when I first met Paddy, he was very kind and a pleasure to work with.

Every every day, I get lost in the building, but Paddy is there to point me my whereabouts. I truly love working with him since he is a really kind man and is so easy to get along with.

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