Kim fears a heart attack before her court appearance, according to EastEnders spoilers

When Denzel believes Kim is suffering a heart attack, he becomes anxious (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

In forthcoming EastEnders scenes, Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) will be shocked to find Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) experiencing what he thinks is a heart attack as pressure on her continues to mount before to her court appearance.

After colliding with Denzel’s automobile, Kim will now stand trial before the court and jury.

She then admitted that she had wrecked because she had been staring at Denise’s phone, while first telling people that she had swerved to avoid a pedestrian.

The events of that evening will all resurface in following episodes when she is required to drive for a business errand the day before her court appearance.

Denzel observes Kim sitting in the vehicle from a distance and quickly discerns that something is wrong.

Denzel believes Kim is suffering a heart attack as she starts to have a panic attack.

Denzel urges Kim to inform Howie (Delroy Atkinson) about the panic attack when things have subsided and he is certain that she is safe.

Despite her assurances to the contrary, Kim finds it difficult to talk about it.

Before her court appearance, Kim appears tense (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

She is still quite anxious on the day of the court hearing, and while Denzel attempts to calm her down, he finds that Howie is still unaware of what transpired the day before.

She has a more horrific assault just before entering court.

Will she disclose her anxiety to Howie?

Since the almost deadly accident, we have already seen how lies and secrets have torn this marriage apart.

If Howie found out she had concealed this from him, would he be upset? Would their relationship dissolve as a result?

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