Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Rob Mallard, a cast member of Coronation Street, talks about how Daniel feels bad about ‘weak’ Max’s sad predicament.

Rob Mallard, a cast member of Coronation Street, talks about how Daniel feels bad about ‘weak’ Max’s sad predicament.

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Max begins a video journal (ITV image)

In upcoming Coronation Street episodes, Daniel Osbourne’s (Rob Mallard) attitude of Max Turner (Paddy Bever) alters when he learns what the character has been doing to while inside the STC.

Blake revealed Max’s membership in Griff’s (Michael Condron) extremist group a few months prior, leading to his incarceration.

Max understood he had to accept responsibility for his actions after the stabbing at Speed Daal and the bomb being discovered in the restaurant van, so he decided to enter a guilty plea at the court.

Viewers will recall that Max made the decision to circulate false information about Daniel being in a relationship with Summer (Harriet Bibby), who was a student at Weatherfield High at the time.

Since the instructor began working at the STC, they often cross paths after having “nothing to do with each other” for a long.

In subsequent episodes, Max, who is reportedly feeling terribly lonely while incarcerated, manages to gain hold of Daniel’s phone and makes the decision to shoot a video about his life, which, according to Rob Mallard, changes Daniel’s opinion of someone he previously labelled an adversary.

Daniel’s phone falls into Max’s hands. (Image from ITV)

He said, “Daniel sees that this person, who was so determined to destroy him, is now in such a weak and vulnerable position, and it’s quietly tragic.”

Daniel feels responsible for some of Max’s problems since he pushed Max down the stairs and lied about it. I don’t believe Daniel fully understands how challenging it will be, but I believe he is definitely up for the challenge because his personal mission in life is to be of service as an educator, and I believe that when he sees Max in the state that he’s in, it’s killing two birds with one stone; Daniel gets to atone for what he did to Max in the past and he also gets to help someone turn their life around, which is what Daniel wants to do.

Rob said, “Daniel understands he has to find a means of getting through to Max since Max won’t speak to him in class.

Max creates the first video, then Daniel follows his lead and does the same.

The connection between Daniel and these individuals has entirely changed, with Daniel wanting to aid Max as well as David (Jack P Shepherd).

Rob said that Daniel “is much more understanding of David’s situation with Max and because Daniel is a dad himself, he looks at it like “well, I don’t know what Bertie is going to be like so it might be me in this scenario one day””.

Daniel often tells Max that he is acting in a certain manner because his father is concerned about him.

Will it be sufficient to assist a struggling Max, though?

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