EastEnders spoilers: Linda and Elaine’s enormous clash over Queen Vic’s drastic changes

Now that Elaine has her foot in the door (Image: BBC),

When mother Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) decided to invest in the Queen Vic in EastEnders, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) believed that all of her Christmases had arrived at once. However, things would soon turn out to be less peaceful than she had hoped.

When Linda said she would have to sell, she received several offers to purchase the well-known pub.

Both the savvy Panesars and best friend Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) were keen to join in.

The consequences of Linda’s choice are expected to be extensive, but she has resisted accepting an offer until she hears from her nearest relative.

The entrance of mom Elaine interrupts a discussion on the subject with Sharon, and she doesn’t waste any time putting her foot beneath the table.

Linda can see that Elaine is in danger when she starts giving the guys of Walford free drinks.

Elaine’s aspirations to alter the way things are done at the Queen Vic quickly become apparent, leaving Linda feeling a little miffed.

According to actress Kellie Bright, ‘Linda is stuck between a rock and a hard place because her mom has rescued her and purchased half the bar, but at the same time, she knows what Elaine is like and that she’s a force of nature’.

Linda doesn’t want to have to bargain with her mother in order to protect her tavern or keep things going the way she and Mick used to.

“I think a lot of us are afraid of change, and Linda is going through a lot of change right now, which is very unsettling.”

Although Elaine’s actions are going to momentarily distance her from her daughter, Kellie thinks they may mend their relationship.

“Elaine is changing, so Linda’s choice probably backfired a little, but it’s different because it’s her mother,” Elaine said. Even if you and your mother disagree, you know that both of you will forgive the other.

Additionally, Linda has worked and lived with her mother for years before to this, so she is aware of how Elaine is and that she will need to let go of certain things.

The issue is that Elaine unexpectedly showed up and interrupted Linda while she was attempting to reconcile with Sharon, which only served to exacerbate the situation.

How much more will Linda put up with before she says enough is enough?

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