EastEnders spoilers: Lola dies in emotional final day out with Jay?

Jay and Lola go to the coast. (Image: BBC)

We are aware that Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) will tragically not be in EastEnders for very long. The hairdresser had memory loss and drowsiness spells before receiving the heartbreaking news that her brain cancer had not responded to therapy and that any future treatment would only be palliative.

In April, she was informed that she only had six months to live. She became resolute after hearing the heartbreaking news that she would do all in her power to ensure the future of her daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) and that she would do everything in her power to create priceless memories for her loving husband Jay (Jamie Borthwick).

In forthcoming episodes, Lola’s coworkers at the salon throw her a farewell party, but she rapidly becomes overwhelmed and leaves. When Denise (Diane Parish), Honey (Emma Barton), and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) become aware that she has vanished, they get alarmed and begin to look for her, with the aid of Billy (Perry Fenwick) and Jay. Outside the gym, Billy discovers his granddaughter lying on the ground. Shortly after, Lola notices that her speech and mobility have been impacted as her symptoms worsen.

She is transferred to the hospital, where she finds out that her palliative chemotherapy was unsuccessful.

Jay takes Lola out of the hospital against medical advice and takes her to the beach for a day of fun and memories as they confront the possibility that their time together may be even less than they had originally anticipated. While talking about their deepest sentiments and ideas while gazing out to sea, they spend priceless moments together.

Pictures of Jamie Borthwick and Danielle Harold recording these moving sequences were made public in April. As a result of her disability, Lola is now confined to a wheelchair and is dressed for what seems to be a brisk day. In one image, Jay gives his wife a loving kiss on the top of her head as she gazes out to sea.

We already have footage from Lola’s burial, so we know that the beloved character won’t be saying goodbye to Walford for long.

Will the couple’s current times together be their last?

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