Emmerdale spoilers: Big twist as murder story confirmed for Liam

Then, what has Liam been doing? (Image from ITV)

Chloe and Mack’s pregnancy secret, Caleb and Nicky’s grand scheme for Kim Tate, Chas’ appalling affair, and Kyle and the entire shotgun situation are just a few of the recent significant secrets in Emmerdale. A new bombshell is about to drop on the Dales, and this time it comes from the impeccable Dr. Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson).

He may be a pillar of the community, but Wendy (Susan Cookson), a nosy nurse, is the one who discovers his horrifying hidden existence.

In a shocking narrative turn, Wendy learns that Liam has been secretly leading a life as a woman; he is a renowned novelist and has even had work published under the name Anna Le Monde.

When Wendy learns the truth, she cannot believe it and decides to keep it a secret. She enjoys reading a lot and is eager to help Liam when he runs into a block and needs some inspiration.

Wendy, a major admirer of murder mysteries, joins in and assists him in coming up with a resolution.

Well, that’s unexpected (Image: ITV)

They work well together as a writing team and develop a warm friendship as a result. But they are about to experience another shock.

When Wendy gives Bob (Tony Audenshaw) a reason to skip meeting him and instead go to a murder mystery convention with Liam, Liam is shocked. These two seem to be getting a little too close together.

Could Wendy be Liam’s next love interest as has been suggested?

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