Emmerdale spoilers: Distraught Moira accepts defeat as she is ruined by Caleb

Caleb shifts his focus elsewhere. (Images from ITV)

Caleb (Will Ash) from Emmerdale is such a happy little chappy; he’s not satisfied with just destroying Moira (Natalie J Robb), but also Kim Tate (Claire King) in the process. That dude doesn’t take any chances.

Although Kim is the ultimate goal, Caleb has shown that anybody may become a victim of his scheme, even his own kid, who he let to be beaten to a pulp in the interest of maintaining his cover.

In order to save his own skin, he has recently changed his cunning scheme by persuading Kim to steal Butlers Farm from beneath a suffering Moira (Natalie J. Robb). With Moira needing the money, she may not have much of a choice, according to Kim, who thinks it’s a great idea.

Nicky (Lewis Cope), who is entrusted with hacking Kim’s computer, fails and nearly locks the device in his efforts to get at the information they need, putting a kink in Caleb’s otherwise well-oiled plot. He crosses the line into becoming nearly wholly worthless to his father when he informs Caleb they need a new strategy.

By taking things into his own hands and upping the ante on Butler’s property and by showing concern in Moira’s financial problems, Caleb builds a foundation with her.

As Moira’s problems worsen, she comes to terms with the possibility of losing the farm while standing in a field with Cain (Jeff Hordley) and thinking about her future. At this point, she accepts financial loss. Who should be slightly out of earshot while this conversation is taking place? Caleb, naturally. While Cain is stunned by her choice, Caleb is grinning broadly.

Nicky and Caleb are attempting to destroy Home Farm (ITV image).

When Caleb shows up at Moira’s request and tells her he has a solution to her difficulties, including the possibility of selling to Kim Tate, Cain suspects something is amiss.

Although Moira is unimpressed, she is compelled to swallow her pride and go to Kim to ask for a proposal. Is ruthless Caleb planning to take Moira’s cherished farm? Or has Cain begun to figure out his brother?

How will Cain respond when Caleb almost puts Moira in financial ruin? Showrunner Jane Hudson mused.

“How on earth is that going to play out when Cain discovers his brother is accountable when these brothers are working so hard to try and have some sort of relationship?” Cain wondered. Is everything going to be lost?

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