Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb devises a cunning new scheme as Kim fires him

Caleb’s solution to Moira’s issue was to keep his job. (Image from ITV)

Viewers of Emmerdale will be aware that Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) goal is to undermine Kim Tate’s (Claire King) Home Farm empire from inside.

He came up with a new strategy in recent scenes, however, when things started to go awry.

Kim went right back into work after arriving in the Emmerdale hamlet from Dubai, telling Caleb that she had learned the site they had set aside for the new stud farm had been sold.

Caleb reassured her that they were the ones who had purchased it and that the procedure was still in progress even if the papers hadn’t yet been completed.

By the time Kim woke up, they would be popping the champagne, so he urged her to go rest up from her jet lag while he began to work.

Sadly, it was not to be as Caleb quickly saw he had made a significant typographical blunder.

He acknowledged to Kim (Jeff Hordley) that he had neglected to hit submit on an email that would have sealed them a contract and blamed Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) for diverting him by choosing to pick a fight with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

Furious, Kim said that she couldn’t trust Caleb and that his Dingle ancestry had given her reason to be wary for some time.

Kim had every reason to be concerned that they hadn’t purchased the acreage she desired (Image: ITV).

She immediately dismissed him, ruining Caleb’s whole strategy, leaving him to ponder how he might turn the situation around.

Fortunately for him, the solution would emerge shortly.

Brother Cain and he were both sobbing at the bar when he overheard a frazzled Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) admit that her cows had once again gotten onto Kim’s fields.

Moira said that they owned land that bordered Home Farm’s property, which gave bewildered Caleb the sense that they must have travelled a considerable distance.


Kim was hesitant to give him the time of day, but he quickly returned to Home Farm with a plan in mind.

When he said that Cain and Moira’s other acreage could be available for purchase, he was able to persuade her to pay attention.

Caleb emphasised that financial circumstances may change, particularly when tragedies occur, despite Kim saying that she had already done that.

Even though he had to acknowledge that everything had been going well for them so far, he gave Kim the assurance that he was committed to working with her and would be willing to make whatever sacrifices required to start the stud farm.

Is Caleb prepared to turn against the Dingles in an effort to permanently remove Kim?

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