Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy exposed as catfish as Ryan faces death

When Ryan becomes ill, Daisy’s truth is revealed (Image: ITV).

In Coronation Street, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who got into a fight with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), found himself in a risky scenario when he became dangerously unwell.

Ryan was furious and outraged when he heard Daisy inform her lover Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that she intended to leave him as soon as he recovered. Ryan then pushed Daisy out of the flat.

Ryan turned to Crystal feeling devastated and ill, leaving her a message and begging her to contact him back.

Ryan doesn’t yet know that Crystal is Daisy, who has assumed her character in an unsuccessful effort to cheer him up.

The situation changed when Daisy found she had misplaced the extra phone she had been using to pass for Crystal.

Daisy panicked and made up justifications for why she wanted it back when Daniel admitted that he had given it to Max Turner (Paddy Bever).

Max had already heard Ryan’s message for Crystal and, alarmed, had reluctantly given the phone back to Daniel. Unfortunately for Daisy, her falsehoods were about to be revealed.

Daisy was shocked when Daniel broke the news of what she had heard, and she hurried over to check on Ryan.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor when Daisy and Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) gained entrance to the apartment and immediately dialled 911.

He may have sepsis, according to medical staff, and his skin transplant was contaminated.

Ryan was no longer in danger, so Daisy was free to confront Daniel and explain the situation.

Daniel said that it seemed as if she was betraying him even though she insisted that she was doing it to aid Ryan.

Daisy attempted to reassure Daniel that she wasn’t, but as he struggled to accept that he had been misled, he abandoned her at the hospital.

Daniel said he had seen the messages and could tell there was nothing more to it than Daisy trying to be a nice friend when Daisy got home later.

Daniel was happy when Daisy assured him that Crystal would ultimately simply go, and the two reconciled.

But as soon as Crystal received another message from Ryan confessing that he had fallen in love with her, it became abundantly evident that Daisy had completely misread the circumstances.

Will this make Daisy confess to her lies?

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