EastEnders spoilers: Arrival of new family set up in important scene

New people are coming soon. (Image: BBC)

As Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) sells out to her mother Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe), EastEnders is about to experience a major shakeup with the entrance of a new family to the Queen Vic.

The family’s arrival will be built up in following scenes when Elaine is shown making an ominous phone call.

Linda is disturbed when Elaine shows little interest in a damaged photo of Linda’s vanished boyfriend Mick as she is still reeling from the break-in at the bar.

When Elaine decides to get vengeance on the Panesars, whom she holds accountable for the property’s devastation, things only become worse since she now has her back up owing to Elaine’s new method of doing things.

Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), who is on hand to provide guidance, advises Elaine to put her daughter and Linda’s stress above her grudge against the competitor businesses.

Elaine meets with Linda for a heart-to-heart discussion about Mick, who went missing at sea on Christmas Day the year before, after realising she has a point.

They promise to support one another, but it doesn’t take long for Elaine to leave quietly to make a call.

As she professes her wish for him to join them at the bar, it quickly becomes apparent that she is speaking with a male.

Actress Kellie Bright is excited with the latest EastEnders announcement that the Knight family would be moving to the Square and settling behind the bar.

It’s comparable to playing a game with two halves. Even though I’m on the same programme, a book is now ended, and a new one is beginning.

“Just like myself and Danny Dyer 10 years ago, Harriet Thorpe and the performers portraying the Knights are at the beginning of their adventure on the programme.

But I’m now travelling with them, which I think is fantastic for Linda’s character because it gives her a fresh new perspective.

There is a brand-new family dynamic to explore, and The Vic certainly needs a large family to liven things up! Because of all those factors, it’s pretty great.

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