Emmerdale star Martelle Edinborough returns to soap after brain surgery

Martelle announced the information on her social media. (Image from ITV)

After having brain surgery, Emmerdale actress Martelle Edinborough has announced that she is once again shooting for the ITV soap.

The actress who plays Suzy Merton stated in April that she just underwent treatment for a brain aneurysm.

She said early on April 19 on Twitter, “A few weeks ago I was told an existing brain aneurysm thought to always be tiny & stable had in fact always been of a size that needed treatment.”

I’m not sure why it took so long to bring this to light, but despite my first astonishment, I was able to accept it as a blessing and refused to let it form as worry, tension, or anxiety.

“Yesterday, I underwent surgery where doctors miraculously and successfully treated the aneurysm, inserting a flow diverter in the artery to cut the blood supply to it, soon enabling it to vanish for good!”

After the procedure, the actress uploaded a photo of herself in her hospital bed, looking happy and at ease. She credited “all the incredible @NHSuk Dr’s, nurses & support staff” for her quick and rapid recovery, stating that she was “happy and blessed.”

Martelle noted that the NHS employees “really do deserve everything they are asking for” in the remarks sent by well-wishers.

Suzy, a party planner and Leyla’s companion, is portrayed by Martelle. (Image from ITV)

Martelle confirmed this week (May 9) that she has rejoined the ITV serial after recuperating from the operation by posting two images to her social media accounts.

The Stage Door outside the Emmerdale set was shown in one image, and she was dressed as her character in another.

Back at it once again! She added, “Hello Suzy!” accompanying the message, evidently delighted to be reunited with her filmmaking crew.

Many of Martelle’s fans sent comments on the page expressing their happiness that she is back at work and in excellent health.

Later on in the day, she tweeted: “And it’s a wrappp!!!” Being back on my Suzyyy was AMAZING.

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