Who was Tommy Harris on Coronation Street, and what happened to him?

Over the years, Coronation Street has had some turmoil. (Image courtesy of Chris Jackson/Getty Images))

After being on our screens for more than 60 years, Coronation Street has produced a staggering amount of unforgettable moments.

The UK’s longest-running soap opera has experienced more than its fair share of drama over the years, from the iconic live tram crash of its 50th anniversary episode to Deirdre’s imprisonment that sparked demands to “Free the Weatherfield One!”

Some of the most renowned episodes of the programme have been shown on ITV, and viewers may watch vintage Coronation Street on ITVX.

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Harris, played by actor Thomas Craig, had one of the programme’s saddest endings, and his narrative arc is just one of many that fans still speak about today despite the fact that they are no longer on the show.

But just to refresh your memory, who was Tommy Harris and what happened to him?

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Thomas Harris: Who was he?
When Tommy Harris (and his family) first appeared on Coronation Street in 2002, they had just relocated from Sheffield to Weatherfield under the alias “Nelson.”

The family was discovered to be a member of the witness protection system. After just five months, Andy and Nick Morgan’s cover was broken when Katy got in touch with some old pals, and Tommy was wounded in the arm while protecting his daughter Katy.

The Morgans had to pursue them since Andy and Nick’s brother Tom had to flee after Tommy’s wife Angela played a key role in getting him arrested for murder.

The Morgan brothers would be detained after the futile effort at retaliation, and the Harris family would resume using their old identities and relocating to No. 6.

How did Tommy Harris fare?
At Webster’s Auto Centre, Tommy Harris was a mechanic; however, one of his tools of the trade would prove to be his demise.

Tommy creates a notion that Martin was having an affair with Sally Webster because he is unable to accept his daughter’s connection with the much older Martin Platt. Angela overheard a chat about Sally having an affair in the bar, which served to confirm this.

Katy decided to get an abortion as a result of this. But once Tommy and Angela were questioned by Gail Platt and Angela saw she was incorrect, she would gradually come to understand the truth.

Angela then breaks down to her daughter when Martin rushes off to work, and the latter goes to apologies to Martin. Martin continues to be hopeless and inebriated and won’t go back to her.

To chat with her father, Katy goes to the garage. In a test of emotions, Tommy repeatedly expresses his hatred for Martin and finally ends up taking pride in the fact that he ended their relationship.

In a moment of wrath, his daughter kills Tommy with one strike to the skull with his own wrench, just as her mother, Angela, enters the room.

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