Emmerdale star Jonny McPherson would rather ‘speak b******s’ than write

Liam’s new skill produces unexpected outcomes. (Image from ITV)

We now know that Dr. Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), who looks after the health and well-being of the residents of Emmerdale, has been pursuing a hidden interest. He is also the legendary crime writer Anna Le Monde.

Jonny McPherson told us, seeming amused by his character’s new sideline, “Obviously he’s divorced and he hasn’t got much else to do so he starts writing short stories and submitting them to Murder Most Murky, which is, I believe, a bi-annual publication.”

When Wendy, Liam’s coworker, finds a copy of one of Liam’s tales at the clinic, she admits that she, too, has a literary streak and offers to make some edits. Wendy is played by Susan Cookson.

Jonny explained what takes happen next. She removes them and makes a few changes, some of which are, shall we say, pretty cheeky. I believe that as Wendy begins discussing certain explicit topics, he starts to get a little riled up.

When a murder mystery conference that Liam and Wendy were scheduled to attend is changed to an online event, this is likely to result in them having a fling. Wendy plans to surprise Liam by organising a fancy dress event for the two of them at the doctor’s office since he has been nominated for an award. Gloves, a full flapper outfit, a cigarette holder— Jonny thought back to Wendy’s outfit.

When Anna Le Monde wins the Murder Most Murky award, there is champagne drank, and things quickly get heated.

Jonny informed us, “I think we cut to the next morning.” Liam spills a champagne bottle, waking up Wendy, who is lying on the operating table next to a mac, and everyone is looking a little worse for wear.

Due to the fact that Wendy is obviously already seeing Bob (Tony Audenshaw), remorse overtakes her in the aftermath. On the other hand, Liam would be delighted to keep the connection going.

He said, “He’s had a bad experience for a very long period, so to suddenly have this… He’s been writing these tales in secret to have someone he can be honest with about it and work on these stories with, which they find so enjoyable.

It’s true that Liam has had some hardships in the last several years as a result of Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) murder of his daughter Leanna (Mimi Slinger). This anecdote offers some light relief since, according to the actor, it has been emotionally taxing.

The whole Leanna plotline, in my opinion, made every day seem like I was returning from a funeral. At work, I spent ten hours a day feeling really depressed. Over the course of three months, I must have used 10 tear sticks due to my incessant crying and nerve-wracking face-stabs. If you want to accomplish anything well, you have to go through it. This causes your body to stiffen up and forces your mind to believe that you are truly going through it. There is no getting around that. However, you can’t help it. People say, “Oh, I never take it home with me,”

Ironically, we don’t even have words for this (Image: ITV).

Returning to the present, lighter plot, Jonny also shared that, like Liam, he once thought of himself as a writer.

When I was about 18, I wanted to pursue creative writing. I used to write for an hour every morning for approximately a year using an old-fashioned typewriter. He confessed to us, “I was infatuated with literature and I really, really wanted to get into it.

His more extroverted nature is what turned him off to writing.

He remarked, imitating tapping away on a phone, “My best friend from drama school has recently become a screen writer and he’s amazing and we’re so pleased for him, but his actual daily existence, he basically writes on his phone so he spends about eight hours like that.”

I’m unable to spend eight hours a day essentially alone in my brain. I spend too much energy chit-chatting with folks.

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