Ellie Leach from Coronation Street discusses how being a child actor affected her through harsh internet comments.

Ellie spoke about growing up in the spotlight after joining Coronation Street at the age of nine (Images: ITV).

Ellie Leach began Coronation Street as Faye Windass when she was only nine years old, and she will be leaving the ITV soap after 12 years.

Before making her sad leave, Ellie has spoken openly about her experiences, both good and bad, growing up on the soap opera, from earning the part to the hurtful internet comments she encountered.

The actress said that while she didn’t watch the programme much before getting the part, she was aware of it since her cousin Brooke Vincent, who portrayed Sophie Webster, was in it.

I appeared at the audition. After a few rounds, I was left with the top five, and when I entered, there were four other girls who were all in their first year of high school and me, who was in my last year of elementary school.

They were tall, with straightened hair, wearing a skirt, tie, and jacket. My hair was in bunches, and I was wearing a little school cardigan.

I said, “Mum, I’m nothing like these girls,” as I turned to face the crowd. This section eludes me. My mother then said, “It’s okay, just be yourself, and do your hardest. If something occurs, it occurs; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

They all seemed to be alike, and I stood out as the odd one out. Now I assume it went in my advantage.

Ellie revealed how she learned she had gotten the part even though she hadn’t anticipated it.

“I was at my friend’s birthday party while she was having a sleepover, I remember.” Her mother said that my mother was on the phone. You’ve been given the position, she said.

Jackson, Miley, and Faye are about to exit the street. (ITV)

“I could not believe it for real,” I said to my pals, who immediately started chatting about it. It was absurd. I’m never going to understand this, I thought as I over-analyzed how these females seemed to me to be so different but all the same. I was shocked when I realised it.

The actress said that the other cast members, particularly cousin Brooke, gave her a lot of advise.

The general consensus was to “be yourself, show up on time, and know your lines.” The major piece of advise you provide to anybody beginning a huge job like this is obviously that. Know your lines, and show up when and where you’re supposed to.

When I initially began, my cousin Brooke told me to “just be yourself, everyone will love you.” I believe that’s what I did—I simply showed up as myself.

Ellie said that there some drawbacks to being on a programme like Coronation Street at such a young age.

Growing up in the spotlight is quite terrifying. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had some incredible encounters thanks to my work. If it weren’t for Corrie, I would never have had the possibilities I have.

My mother would manage any social media accounts I had that I wasn’t supposed to use. Don’t read what others are saying about you, they advise. Saying “don’t do it” is one thing, but doing it is quite another.

I don’t really care what people think of me anymore because I’m just doing my job, and that’s all. But when you’re a little bit younger, you’re self-conscious and you think, “That’s not very kind,” when people say things that aren’t very pleasant.

On the other hand, there have been a tonne of incredible individuals, comments, and shows of support, and I really can’t thank everyone enough for that. Although it’s fantastic, growing up in the spotlight is also really challenging.

Ellie, who is now 22 and has spent more than half her life watching Corrie, said that she has enjoyed her time there.

It’s been the finest experience ever, really. I am very grateful to everyone here. I’ve always felt so welcome by everyone. I’ve really liked it; it’s been so nice. Those years have been the finest of my life.

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