Emmerdale spoilers: Tom is shocked as Belle admits to a murder

Will Tom say anything? (Image from ITV)

The ill-timed desire for an open and honest relationship by Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) might endanger her budding romance with Tom King (Mark Flanagan).

The fact that Belle and Tom have reconnected is extremely lovely, but much has changed in those ten years, and Tom isn’t prepared to hear about it.

How would Tom react when Belle admits that she is also a killer, given that he is already horrified by the mere mention of his deceased father and the fact that he was also a murderer? Let us tell you, not good at all.

Belle does her best to mend things between Tom and Jimmy (Nick Miles), but things go south when Jimmy unintentionally tells Tom something he doesn’t want to hear: that his dad Carl bumped off his grandpa.

Tom does a bunk from his meet up with his uncle because it is too much for him. Tom has already grappled with other gruesome events from his dad’s background, such as the attempted rape of Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter). The fragments are left for Belle to pick up.

Gemma died inadvertently (ITV image)

This makes Belle a little uncomfortable since she had intended to tell Tom the truth as well in the hopes of, so to speak, having a relationship without any dark secrets. Now, she is concerned about how he would respond if she tells him what she did. She decides that he must be aware of her history in order for him to comprehend it, so she admits to accidently murdering Gemma.

Tom, as was to be predicted, does not take it well at all and leaves their meeting place. Belle is concerned that she has damaged their friendship, and she may be correct.

Unwinding in the Woolpack, a Jimmy approaches Tom even though he knows Tom isn’t ready to face his uncle and is determined to stand up for Carl.

As the two guys square up, Tom gives him what for, and the situation worsens. Like his father, is Tom choosing a violent and dark path?

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