When does EastEnders’ Lola Pearce pass away?

The brain tumour that Lola has is deadly (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In wrenching EastEnders scenes, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is seen getting ready for her passing after receiving a fatal prognosis after learning she has a brain tumour.

The news crushed the young hairdresser, and she has since vowed to fight for each and every second she may spend with her loved ones.

Every step of the way, Jamie Borthwick’s character, Jay Brown, has been at her side. The two had even exchanged vows in a beautiful sequence after he proposed to her during the holiday season.

While dealing with the condition’s adverse effects and having to explain her impending death to her cherished daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown), Lola broke the terrible news to her family that she only had six months to live.

Additionally, for the first time since she was abandoned at the age of three, the well-known figure has met her real mother Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit).

Since the character’s heartbreaking funeral sequences have been recorded, Danielle’s time on the Square is coming to an end as Lola seems destined to die away. Lola’s plot has been ongoing for a number of months.

However, when precisely might we anticipate Lola leaving the soap? This is what we do know.

When does Lola in EastEnders pass away?
Although the precise date Lola will depart EastEnders is unknown, it is assumed that she will pass away soon since shooting for her funeral was recently observed.

We are aware that Lola will pass away before Christmas because of the show’s recent, significant flash-forward scene.

As is customary in Walford when a resident passes away, a photograph of Lola is seen in the scene at the extreme edge of the bar of the Queen Vic.

Things will only get worse for poor Lola in the ensuing moments when she collides outside the gym and discovers that her voice and movement are limited.

She learns at the hospital that her palliative chemotherapy treatment was unsuccessful.

In an interview with The Sun, Danielle gushed over her last moments, calling it “the most beautiful episode of EastEnders,” but she also said that it took her a while to get up the nerve to read it.

The last moments of Lola are drawing near (Photo credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

She said, “I didn’t want to read my final script.”

If we are at work, we pick them up at the script desk, and my final copies had been sitting there for a long time.

They kept asking whether I had already taken them, but I kept saying, “No, I don’t want to.”

Until I was ready, “I left them there.”

Following Lola’s tragic passing, EastEnders has organised a Lola-fest celebration of her life, which will be attended by all of her loved ones.

What has the plot of Lola’s narrative so far involved?
After experiencing many fainting episodes and a violent seizure that worried her loved ones and caused her to collapse at Lexi’s talent performance, Lola was taken to the hospital in a hurry in October of last year.

While waiting for the CT scan to be completed, Jay and Lola spoke about their future as a couple and discussed their holiday plans. They also talked about how difficult it would be to imagine their lives without the other person in them.

But disaster came in the following moments when the expert visited around and said that Lola’s scan had shown a malignancy.

After a tearful farewell to her loving partner Jay, who fervently prayed for the best, Lola was subsequently transported for surgery.

Lola was then informed by physicians that, despite being able to remove portion of the cancer, it is still growing quickly. The surgeon then declared the lesion to be “incurable,” which was heartbreaking news.

Lola cried out, “He thinks I’m going to die, pops!”

While Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) did all in his ability to pay for experts and prospective therapeutic studies, Lola’s loved ones swore to support her throughout her journey. However, after much grief, one doctor informed Lola that miraculous cures are “rarely” possible in circumstances like hers.

In the meanwhile, Jay made the decision to propose over the holiday season, and although Lola originally had reservations about his motivations for wanting to wed, she finally said yes. The two were married in a series of charming events last month.

After the wedding, the hairdresser made the decision to tell Lexi the truth, confirming that she would pass away in circumstances that turned out to be profoundly moving.

Meanwhile, Lola’s mother, Emma Harding, who abandoned her when she was a baby, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), was determined to bring the two back together.

Emma declined to go even though she wanted to get to know her daughter. However, she has since been unable to stay away and has started showing up at the salon to make appointments as Nicole.

Lola was unaware of the situation until Emma revealed it in an explosive way, saying that the reason she left all those years ago was because her ex-husband, Lola’s dad, was violent.

Lola made the decision to get to know Emma after hearing her mother’s terrifying account, and the two later had an embrace.

Given that Lola has a brain tumour and is terminally sick, Emma wanted to make the most of her time with her daughter while she still had it. Billy, however, believed that it was all too much for the weakening Lola.

Emma promised to back off, but she later dropped by Lola’s with a gift for Lexi that was a locket with a picture of her and Lola when they were both babies.

But that wasn’t all the locket held—Emma informed Lexi that it also holds a hidden message, which she was instructed to keep to herself.

Once she got there, Lexi opened the locket to see a message inside with ‘our secret’ scrawled over Emma’s phone number.

Despite the fact that Emma has integrated herself into their life, tensions increased on Mother’s Day when Lexi prepared the ideal party for Lola, only for Emma to sabotage her plans and for Lexi to lash out at her grandma.

Lola made an effort to convey to her daughter the significance of Emma’s presence. It’s my first Mother’s Day with a real mother, she remarked, adding that Emma “might be a bit lonely.” She also informed Lexi. Recent death of her mother.

Emma, however, clammed up and fled suddenly when Jay pressed her more about her mother, implying that she is keeping something from him.

After her employer moved to the US and begged her to follow him, Lola’s mother eventually left the Square.

At Lola’s charity function, she gave off a dismal impression as Lola put on a brave face and interrogated her about her new life.

Emma is permanently expelled from the home after Lola ultimately expresses her sorrow about losing her mother a second time.

Lola’s health seemed to be becoming worse in recent scenes as she started to forget things.

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson), who had chosen to plan a departing party, got in touch with Lola after she had quit her work at the salon in order to devote her attention to creating priceless moments with her family.

As she continues to worsen and the gravity of her prognosis sinks in, Lola begins to forget crucial things, including the party nearly as soon as it was stated.

Later that day, Lola and her husband Jay had a conversation about the meeting they had about Jay’s custody of Lexi.

Jay assured Lola that he would keep an eye on things and support both Lexi and Ben when it quickly became apparent that she was concerned about what would happen if Ben had another “meltdown.”

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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