After spending their formative years together on Coronation Street, Colson Smith will “hugely miss” Ellie Leach.

Colson Smith, an actor on Coronation Street, is now experiencing the heartache of seeing his coworker Ellie Leach wave farewell to the cobblestones. Most of us understand the anguish of watching a work bestie leave to pursue something else.

Both of them started their journeys on the programme in 2011, and since they have been regulars in one other’s professional life, they have become friends.

In their on-screen relationship as engaged couple Craig Tinker and Faye Windass on the soap opera, Colson and Ellie still have a close relationship even if things aren’t always romantic.

When Lorraine asked Colson, 24, whether he would miss his friend, Colson said, “Yeah, massively.”

‘I’ve grown up with Ellie,’ he added. Since we were little children, we have collaborated. We essentially attended school together since we were in the same tutoring programme. We had experienced everything, and now I have experienced her leaving.

Colson seems like a very good buddy since he said that he has been supporting her choice rather than treating her the way we would treat our office bestie: by keeping quiet.

In the soap opera, Colson and Ellie portray an engaged couple (ITV).

I guess you could say I helped her through that [leaving]. Though it’s crazy to imagine that my buddy won’t be at work much longer, Ellie has my full support.

She’s going to do incredible things. I’m excited to see her do it,’ he softly said.

He then concurred as Lorraine expressed her desire that they make it possible for her character, Ellie, 22, to return in the event that she wants to do so. This dude is not parting with anything!

Colson spoke on Lorraine about Ellie. (Image via ITV/Rex)

Faye’s most recent narrative centred on her suffering through early menopause in addition to being imprisoned for hitting her sexual abuser Ray and inadvertently running over an elderly while learning to drive.

‘People know about the menopause, but it’s not really talked about much, particularly not early menopause,’ Ellie said while discussing the subject with last year.

“People don’t appreciate how young it can happen to women—I didn’t even recognise that. So sure, I did a tonne of research and learned a tonne.

Giving birth to her daughter Miley, whom she eventually gave up for adoption, was one of Faye’s main plotlines.

Later, the baby’s father Jackson reconciled with Miley and returned to Weatherfield, where Faye found herself reestablishing contact with the kid.

It seems that Faye will be seduced by the prospect of having a family with her ex and her daughter, breaking Craig’s heart.

ITV broadcasts Lorraine weekdays at 9 a.m.

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