Emmerdale spoilers: Belle confesses a murder, Liam’s sex twist, and Moira’s terrifying car accident

This week, love is in the air in the Dales (ITV image).

Next week in Emmerdale, emotions and tempers are building in equal measure, with catastrophic repercussions in store.

Jimmy King (Nick Miles) still finds it difficult to get along with Tom (James Chase), especially when the horrible patricide committed by Carl is brought up.

Tom’s mind is about to explode, particularly as Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) also reveals that she too contributed to a fatality.

Tom and his uncle end up in a fight, which makes Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) more anxious than ever since it will have an effect on the whole family.

However, matters worsen when Nicola, who is agitated and screaming, collides with Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and causes a vehicle accident, endangering Angel’s life.

Four people are having trouble in another scene since they seem to have forgotten who they are supposed to be dating.

While Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) also come close to kissing, Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) end up in a passionate embrace.

Others also have romantic notions, such as Ryan Stocks (James Moore), who has flashbacks when his ex turns up, and Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards), who believes he has a shot with Mandy (Lisa Riley).

Here is a preview of next week.

As the spyware on Kim’s laptop begins to allow him access to her financial accounts, Caleb encourages Nicky to continue through with convincing Gabby to bring their wedding forward. He also cheers this development.

Nicky resists Gabby’s repeated requests to end their self-imposed chastity, persuading her that they should continue to postpone having sex until they are married.

When Wendy runs into Liam at the bus stop, she tells him she has huge plans for their evening at the murder mystery conference. However, Liam informs her that the event has already moved online.

Wendy subsequently makes an effort to prepare something at the operation to commemorate Liam’s nomination for the literary prize, and Liam is affected by this.

Things between Wendy and Liam get intense as they are caught up in the moment.

As they start to reestablish the bond they had lost due to the strain of working together, Bernice starts to open up to Bob.

There is a tender moment between Bob and Bernice when he tells her that he has always thought she is lovely.

In response to their flirting and developing chemistry, Bernice is horrified when Bob rejects her inebriated effort to kiss him.

Bear begins to believe he could have a shot with Mandy while Belle devises a plan to bring uncle and nephew together.

As she is unaware of his deceit, Gabby asks Bernice to accompany her as she enters the church for her nuptials to Nicky.

Wendy finds it difficult to maintain composure as the guilt of cheating on Bob looms large. Bob finds it difficult to deal with the emotions that his almost-kiss with Bernice has provoked.

Later, while working in the doctor’s office, Liam abruptly kisses Wendy because he is unable to control his love for her. Wendy is startled, but she can’t stop reciprocating.

Tom and Jimmy seem to be getting along well until Jimmy unintentionally uncovers Carl’s patricide.

Tom, who is devastated by the news, rushes out of the room unable to process it. As Belle comforts him, she begins to be concerned about his response to her own troubled background.

Bernice advises Bob that he has to show Wendy that he cares about their relationship after they uncomfortably avoid talking about their almost-kiss.

When Belle admits that she accidently murdered Gemma during their conversation at the Dingles, it’s a lot for Tom to process. After he hastily leaves, Belle thinks that being honest with him definitely wrecked their relationship.

After Belle’s confession, Tom is still on edge at the Woolpack. When Jimmy comes up to him to defend Carl once again, Tom can no longer take it and the two men engage in a confrontation. Jimmy and Tom are still arguing, and it’s getting worse.

As Tom’s agony over his nephew is also hurting the rest of his family, Nicola reminds Jimmy that he made the correct decision by shutting Tom out of his life.

Later, as Nicola hurries Angel to a late dental appointment, Moira and her are struck horribly at a crosswalk.

After the collision, Moira and Nicola are in disbelief when they discover an unconscious Angel in the back of Nicola’s crumpled vehicle.

When Manpreet recognises Charles’ mother Claudette at Woodbine as the lady she argued with earlier at the cafĂ©, she is terrified.

After Claudette chastises Manpreet for previously abandoning Charles, their relationship suffers. Later, when Claudette is absent from the room but is still listening in, Manpreet confides in Charles about her issues with Claudette.

Ryan questions Gail’s motivation for returning to his life four years later.

Claudette uses every chance she gets to offend Manpreet as a result of his concerns from yesterday.

When Claudette returns to Woodbine after having her back out, it worries Charles and Manpreet.

Charles eventually chooses against going on a date night and instead stays home to care for his mother, which leaves Manpreet sad.

When Charity finds Ryan and Gail after their night together, they feel ashamed.

Tom makes an effort to make up with Belle.

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