Fans of Little Mo may want to walk away from the screen when Kacey Ainsworth dashes expectations for the return of EastEnders.

It seems unlikely that Little Mo Slater will return to Albert Square anytime soon for EastEnders viewers.

Kacey Ainsworth was questioned on Wednesday about whether she intended to return to the BBC serial opera as Little Mo, but it doesn’t seem probable.

Little Mo was last saw in Albert Square in 2006, just before her and son Freddie (played by Bobby Brazier) left for Barnstaple.

Many people pondered if Little Mo would do the same once Freddie returned to Walford 16 years later.

Unfortunately, the 54-year-old actress, who is presently starring in Philip Ridley’s Leaves of Glass, stated this week that she is just overcommitted.

On Wednesday’s episode of Loose Women, Coleen Nolan inquired about a possible comeback of EastEnders. Kacey said, “It’s always the same thing, it’s a never say never.”

Kacey was asked on Wednesday whether she intended to return to her part as Little Mo in the BBC serial opera, but it doesn’t seem probable (ITV) (Picture: Kacey).

I simply don’t have any time right now, the celebrity continued.

on response to the question, “Do people still yell Little Mo at you in the street?” They do, Kacey replied, “sometimes.” It’s incredible when people remark, “I watched you when I was younger.”

Kacey has made several television appearances since her stint on the BBC serial opera, most notably as Cathy Keating in the ITV crime drama Grantchester. She has also performed in a number of theatrical performances.

One of EastEnders’ most recognisable characters, Little Mo, is forever associated with the moment in which she used an iron to strike her violent husband Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) in the head.

Mo’s future was brighter since on Christmas Day of 2002, she wed Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

Little Mo is one of EastEnders’ most iconic characters (Picture: BBC)

But when Little Mo learned she was pregnant after being raped by the villainous Graham Foster, their marriage broke down.

After Freddie was born, they made many futile attempts to patch things up.

In light of a “big year for the Slaters,” EastEnders manager Chris Clenshaw recently made a homecoming for Little Mo a possibility.

In February, he told the Loose Women panel, “Freddie’s in the show, so there is every chance that Little Mo could pop back to Walford.”

But as of right now, it seems to be still some time off.

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