In the Emmerdale spoiler video, Moira is shocked to see how dangerously her farm being ruined.

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) is horrified to learn that someone has ruined her farm’s produce.

Financial issues will add to Moira’s hardships, and Caleb (William Ash) stopping by to see if they need his assistance will give her pause.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) replies that they don’t, but Caleb then overhears a financial discussion between the couple and is able to get into Moira’s thoughts, telling her that the best thing she could do to save Butlers is to let Kim (Claire King) buy the farm.

Moira is having difficulties with her company (ITV picture).

However, before Moira makes a choice, it seems Caleb is planning to get filthy. A client enters and reports that screws have been discovered in the burgers Moira typically sells.

She is appalled, but did Caleb’s effort to persuade Moira that she needed assistance cause her to feel that way?

Kim is unaware of Caleb’s relationship with Frank (Image: ITV). Or was there another offender?

How will Cain respond when Caleb almost puts Moira in financial ruin? Showrunner Jane Hudson mused.

“How on earth is that going to play out when Cain discovers his brother is accountable when these brothers are working so hard to try and have some sort of relationship?” Cain wondered. Is everything going to be lost?

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