Manpreet’s rage as Charles’ mother covertly criticises her in Emmerdale spoilers

To everyone’s surprise, Claudette appears at Woodbine (Image: ITV).

When Charles Anderson’s (Kevin Mathurin) mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) comes in Emmerdale and shows up at Woodbine Cottage, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) is left feeling annoyed.

Before departing for home, the doctor is going to argue with a lady at the café, putting her on edge.

But a surprise guest soon disturbs her tranquilly.

When Claudette realises that the lady she battled with is really Charles’ mother, she is frightened as she approaches the door.

The two have a rocky beginning as Claudette reprimands her for previously dumped the vicar, which enrages Manpreet.

Later, when she thinks Claudette has left the room, she confides in Charles, lamenting the problems Claudette has already caused her.

It quickly becomes apparent, however, that Claudette has heard everything and has a few choice comments to add.

When speaking about Manpreet, she doesn’t mince words since she wants to offend her as much as possible.

Later, Claudette returns home after putting her back out as Charles and Manpreet get ready for a date night.

Charles agrees to stay and look after Claudette instead of going on date night (Picture: ITV)

Charles decides to remain at home and take care of his mother out of a desire to be there for her, disappointing Manpreet.

When one of Manpreet and Claudette finally caves in, how long will the other remain at each other’s throats?

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