Coronation Street spoilers: In horrific retaliation, Craig puts Faye in jail?

Will it all end in failure? (Images from ITV)

In January 2022, Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) and Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) struck an elderly man named Ted with their automobile on Coronation Street.

Ted seemed alright at first, so Faye and Emma assisted him in returning to the apartment.

But when they came back, they discovered Ted dead in his chair.

Faye and Emma sought to keep their secret a secret as the plot developed since they believed they were to blame for Ted’s death.

When Jon, Ted’s grandson, was introduced, things quickly became complex since he ended himself falling in love with Emma.

Fortunately, once Emma told Jon the truth, both Craig and he decided not to call the police about them.

Given that Craig is a police officer by profession, this was a significant choice on his part.

It was a big decision for Craig to put his work on the line and stand in for his lover, but may it all backfire in Faye’s face before she leaves?

Faye still isn’t sure whether she wants to go to Slough with Jackson (Joseph William Evans) and Miley at the beginning of a new week.

Faye is conflicted and confides in Gary (Mikey North) that she wants to be back with Jackson but can’t leave Craig since he knows something that may put her back in jail. Tim (Joe Duttine) expressed his happiness that she was remaining in Weatherfield with Craig.

What will Craig do then?

Will he exact retribution and report Ted to the police if Faye does leave?

“I think everyone is aware of Craig’s fun-loving personality, and we’ve never really seen him react in that way before,” says the speaker. Ellie Leach recently reacted to these situations by saying, “He’s always so nice and everything’s so la-di-dah with him.”

Faye shouldn’t go, says Craig (ITV image).

I get the impression that she is asking, “Where did this originate from? Who exactly is this? She is compelled to remain because she fears that information will come out, but she is also compelled to distance herself because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is essentially blackmailing her.

She must be in that relationship, though, or otherwise others will find out what really occurred, and she would be terrified of returning to jail, which she would never want to do. She certainly views him differently, in my opinion.

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