Emmerdale rumours: Ryan discovers a hidden attraction for a former acquaintance

Ryan’s pleased, let’s put it that way (Picture: ITV)

On Emmerdale, a familiar person from Ryan Stocks’ (James Moore) past is about to make a comeback and cause some trouble. But who is Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis) really, and why has she suddenly returned to Ryan’s life?

Gail may be recalled by viewers from her last visit in early 2019. Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), with whom Ryan had recently begun seeing, wasn’t the best match for a relationship. An ex-client was harassing Dawn and offering her £20 for a “quickie” around the Woolpack’s back. Dawn felt comfortable confiding in Ryan about her previous existence as a sex worker since Ryan stood up for her.

Ryan believed they were going to have sex when they returned to her house after their date. Dawn didn’t want to, and a furious Ryan offered to pay if that was what she wanted. Not his best moment.

Soon later, Gail arrived to the Woolpack and saw Ryan drinking by himself, probably burying his sorrows after seemingly wasting his opportunity with Dawn. Gail and Ryan were formerly friends, so they quickly started talking about the past.

Once again, Gail misread the situation and planted a kiss on Ryan just as Dawn entered the room because she felt he was feeling passionate towards her. Despite this, Ryan and Dawn did have a brief romantic relationship. Gail then disappeared back to her original location.

Charity recognises what’s happening (ITV image)

But she returns in next episodes. While Ryan is happy to see her, he is also wary. He hasn’t heard from her in four years and is left to wonder why she’s now decided to search him up.

Despite his reservations, they still have chemistry and spend the night together. However, Ryan is embarrassed when his mother Charity (Emma Atkins) discovers them in a derogatory circumstance.

Is this going to be the beginning of a long-term romance for Ryan after he stops blushing? Or is Gail visiting the village to look for him for another reason?

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