Lisa Riley convinced the Emmerdale executives to drastically alter two pivotal characters.

She has an effect! (Image from ITV)

Legendary Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley recently discussed the modification she proposed for both her and Daisy Campbell’s characters.

The actors portray Mandy Dingle and Amelia Spencer, two new coworkers at the salon.

After Amelia gave birth to baby Esther, it arrived. Amelia needed extra money to support herself while juggling her studies and caring for a young kid, so Mandy agreed to hire her.

That, however, was not always the goal for these individuals.

According to Lisa Riley, once Daisy and Lisa worked together on a project outside of the soap, the producers changed the plot because they thought Daisy and Lisa had great chemistry.

“Me and Amelia got along like a house on fire when we worked together on the ITV programme Britain Get Singing.” She told Inside Soap that the producers said they saw the comradery and decided to place Amelia in the salon.

She is campy and frothy and wearing a Pampa Manda apron, but we are also portraying the serious theme of her struggle as a young mother without a teenage social life.

Long may it continue, said Lisa, since working with Daisy is such a pleasure. She’s extremely professional, and she allows me add humour, which is great!”

Mandy had been expecting to see Paddy again (Image: ITV).

Both Lisa and Daisy’s characters lately haven’t had it easy.

Samson (Sam Hall), who was threatening Amelia after Esther was born, caused her problems, and she also had a health scare when she discovered a lump in her breast.

Mandy has been more focused recently on her love life, or lack thereof. Mandy was a rock for Paddy (Dominic Brunt) after his attempt to take his life, but she was also secretly hopeful that their relationship would ultimately result in them reconciling.

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