Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Spoilers for EastEnders: Freddie sees an ADHD expert in search of explanations

Spoilers for EastEnders: Freddie sees an ADHD expert in search of explanations

When will Freddie learn more? (Image: BBC)

After joining EastEnders last year, Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) instantly won the hearts of the audience and gained notoriety in Albert Square. He’s endearing, humorous, and charming, and he’s constantly up to something.

A more sensitive aspect of Freddie has recently been exposed as the character has been evolving. It was obvious that Jean (Gillian Wright) had unintentionally touched a sensitive nerve when she casually remarked on his IQ in April, calling him “not the brightest bulb.”

After making this statement, Jean saw Freddie sobbing on his own. She recognised her thoughtless remark had affected Freddie deeply and apologised.

When Freddie confessed that he had been tormented at school by a teacher for his alleged lack of intellect, it became evident why he had been so upset by the comment. He humiliated him in front of the class by calling him disruptive, dumb, and lazy.

Later, Freddie boldly faced Mr. Hawthorne (William Ellis) outside the school gates and informed him how his acts as a student had caused him suffering.

A former instructor recently shared some news with Freddie (Image: BBC).

He expressed regret for this and said that he thought Freddie could have ADHD. When Freddie was a student, Mr. Hawthorne had the opinion that ADHD wasn’t a legitimate disorder, but he has since altered his mind.

In forthcoming episodes, Mr. Hawthorne tracks down Freddie and hands him a referral letter for ADHD. Freddie first rejects this, but after an honest discussion with Bobby (Clay Milner Russell), they understand that Freddie exhibits many of the characteristics of the disease.

Will this persuade him to undergo testing?

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