Spoilers for Emmerdale: Caleb Milligan swears to kill Nicky after learning about his sexual orientation

Even Nicky’s sexual orientation was not going to stand in the way of Caleb’s magnificent plan (Image: ITV).

What began as a touching exchange of acceptance between a father and son eventually turned into a fiery confrontation when Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan (William Ash) threatened to kill his homosexual son Nicky (Lewis Cope) if he didn’t wed Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

As viewers are aware, Caleb is Frank Tate’s (Norman Bowler) secret son, and he is out to swindle Kim Tate (Claire King) out of her money since he thinks she was somehow involved in his father’s demise.

Nicky, Caleb’s son, is a key player in that plan. He snuck into Home Farm as the family’s nanny and took care of all of Gabby’s requirements in addition to watching for tiny Thomas.

Since Gabby is so in love with the charming and attractive nanny, who appears just too wonderful to be true (probably because he is), she has even consented to wed him.

Nicky, meanwhile, is secretly dating Ally (Josh Horrocks), with whom he is deeply in love, and is genuinely homosexual.

In the hour-long episode of the ITV soap opera airing on Thursday, May 18, Caleb increased the pressure on him and made him feel like nothing more than a failure. He set up a meeting with Ally because he knows that she is the one person with whom he can completely be himself.

Nicky had just finished complaining about his abusive father when Ally suggested they go back to his house.

While Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) was the target of Caleb’s manipulation scheme, his sister-in-law followed his advise and sold the family farm to Kim, leaving Caleb smug as the fat cat that got the cream.

The resident schemer of the programme was ecstatic as he demonstrated that there was nothing he wouldn’t do to carry out his schemes, even if it meant putting his loved ones in danger.

However, Caleb saw the kiss and realised his kid is homosexual (Image: ITV).

If there was ever any question about this, later scenes gave viewers another chance to see it for themselves, demonstrating exactly how cruel Caleb is.

Fresh off a passionate day with Ally, Nicky kissed his boyfriend before exiting the vehicle. Nicky was shocked to discover Caleb waiting for him outside, having seen the whole incident.

Caleb and Nicky decided to have their argument in a secret place away from prying eyes. Caleb wanted to know how long this had been “going on,” and Nicky said, “[his] entire life,” alluding to his sexuality.

The businessman’s son didn’t feel comfortable confiding in him, which astonished Caleb, who questioned him about why he kept him in the dark. The businessman also seemed to be disturbed about the situation.

Caleb was shocked when Nicky made it apparent that he didn’t believe Caleb would have approved. Caleb hugged Nicky in response and said he doesn’t care if he is homosexual, saying that his happiness is all that counts.

But as soon as Nicky said he wanted to abandon the marriage scheme because he could no longer maintain the pretend, all signs of genuine devotion disappeared.

Caleb became furious and forcibly grabbed his kid, telling him to keep acting the part or else he would “destroy” him out of fear that his carefully planned retribution would be thwarted.

Will Nicky, however, follow orders? Or will he be forced to tell the truth by his shame and the possibility of a happy life with Ally?

Emmerdale resumes airing on ITV1 and ITVX on Friday, May 19, at 7:30 p.m.

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