The most moving Lola and Jay moments in EastEnders to date include the words “I’ll never leave you alone.”

One last journey (Images: BBC)

In the episode of EastEnders that aired on Thursday, May 18, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) went for the coast after learning that Lola only had a few weeks to live.

After passing out in front of the gym, Lola was informed of this information. When she arrived at the hospital, she was informed that the cancer was growing and that her previous therapy was no longer effective.

Lola told Jay today that she wasn’t sure how many more good days she will have while still in the hospital.

She wanted to take advantage of the day, travel, and just put her troubles out of her mind.

Lola stepped into a wheelchair and Jay wheeled her out of the hospital as an idea began to shape. They were walking towards the seashore while grinning and laughing.

Jay made a joke about how Lola looks better now that she’s outdoors as they began the day breathing in the sea air.

When they arrived to a deserted roller rink, Lola made a confession about wanting to give Lexi (Isabella Brown) a gift every year for her birthday.

After that, Jay led Lola to a store where she admired an exquisite but pricey jewellery.

Lola decided to rethink her choice. (Image: BBC)

When they later had lunch together, Jay and his wife reminisced about their first encounter and how, had Jay’s relationship with Abi Branning been successful, they wouldn’t be in the position they are in today. Jay informed his wife that it was a little too expensive.

Jay brought Lola along the seaside after serenading her with his extremely outstanding guitar playing and singing abilities. It soon became clear that she had something on her mind.

Jay was shocked when Lola told him that she wanted Billy (Perry Fenwick) to assist in taking her own life when the time comes.

It was understandable that the cherished figure was overcome by emotion. Jay was heartbroken, saying that Lola had other possibilities and that it bothered him that she asked Billy rather than him.

After a run-in with the police, which was solely caused by Lola stealing the jewellery for Lexi from the store, it seemed as if her perspective was starting to shift.

Jay accepted the blame for her, so Lola recognised that if he (or Billy, for that matter) were to assist in her demise, he (or Billy, for that matter) may also find himself in jail, leaving Lexi without him.

When Jay returned with Lola to the hospital, the nurse wasn’t pleased to see him taking his ailing wife away from her medicine and medical staff.

After speaking with Lexi, Lola told Jay that she is prepared to pass away peacefully and that she would be courageous for her daughter.

Lola appeared at the beach once again as the programme came to a conclusion.

Given that Lola was in good health in these sequences, this was a dream scenario.

When Jay came, Lola remarked that she was calling his name and was wondering where he had gone.

I thought you had left me all alone! she said, grinning.

As if I’d leave you alone!,” Jay said, giving her a bear grip.

We then saw Lola and Jay running through the waves while giggling and enjoying themselves greatly. Sadly, it wasn’t their reality, and with a gloomy day ahead, there’s one thing Lola and Jay taught us today.

Enjoy each and every moment.

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