Ben takes severe action because he won’t accept Lola’s diagnosis, according to EastEnders rumours.

Ben goes above and above for Lola (Image: BBC)

After learning that Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) palliative chemotherapy treatment failed, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is likely to suffer.

He struggles to accept her diagnosis and decides to make a major change.

Viewers will be aware that Lola was given an uncurable brain tumour diagnosis last year, but things started to become worse recently when she started having trouble speaking and moving after collapsing.

Ben thinks that Lola shouldn’t be going while Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) gets ready for her to return from the hospital.

Ben lashes out at Billy and Honey (Perry Fenwick and Emma Barton), blaming the family of accepting Lola’s diagnosis too quickly while the family is uniting to support Lola at home.

Ben gets angry after a disagreement with Jay, but he changes his mind after hearing Phil Mitchell’s (Steve Mcfadden) advice to his son not to be so conceited about Peggy.

In the end, Ben does pay attention to his father, as actor Max Bowden said.

Ben is touched by Phil’s counsel and the significance of their discussion about Peggy.

Ben visits Lola (Photo by Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

It’s time for Ben to look outside the box, look outside of his own soul for answers, and allow other people to infiltrate his mind, and I believe Phil is that person. “I think there’s so much selfishness from Ben in terms of it being his way or the high way and that lack of understanding and empathy has got him nowhere through his childhood, through his early adult life,” Phil said.

Ben walks over to No. 18 to apologise, keeping Phil’s counsel in mind.

But it quickly becomes apparent that he still hasn’t accepted Lola’s diagnosis since he calls Dr. Washington and asks for assistance in order to make sure Lola is still alive in September.

Ben meets with the doctor the next day to go through prospective American therapies.

“I believe that this is Ben’s final chance saloon.” “Guilt,” Max said.

Because of his extensive emotional trauma, several losses, and other negative events, Ben already despises himself inside. Lola in particular is someone he really and passionately loves.

“They share a child together, which is the purest thing you can have, and the ability to not control her outcome is terrifying, so I think there’s a bit of Ben that wants to get away from the situation, and there’s a bit of him that wants to try anything he can,” the author says.

He returns to No. 18 after the meeting, where a ladies’ day party is in full flow.

Unfortunately, there is drama during the party because Ben ends up making a scene.

In an effort to assist him understand the truth of Lola’s position, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) chase after him as he makes his way home.

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