EastEnders spoilers: A startling change of events brings Cindy Beale back from the grave.

Did you see it coming when Cindy came back from the dead? (Image: BBC)

A shocking reversal in EastEnders will bring Cindy Beale back from the grave, shocking Walford.

The producers of the programme are hoping that Ian’s comeback will be the year’s biggest story since his ex-wife is still alive.

Adam Woodyatt departed the programme two years ago, and Cindy was killed off from it 25 years ago.

He was briefly seen talking on the phone to an unknown individual who seems to be Cindy during Dot Cotton’s funeral.

The part will be played again by Michelle Collins, who previously played Stella on Coronation Street.

Beginning with the first season of the programme in 1998, Cindy had a key role in many important plotlines, including an affair with Simon Wicks and an attempt to have husband Ian assassinated.

Later, she passed away in jail off-screen.

There have been other EastEnders characters who have come back from the dead, including Den Watts and Kathy Beale.

In a vision by her daughter Amy, Rita Simons was recently seen by viewers as Roxy Mitchell.

The locals will be shocked by Cindy’s return, not the least of whom will be Ian’s mother Kathy.

Ian’s reappearance was previously hinted to by the show’s creator Chris Clenshaw, who told us at Dot’s funeral: “I called Adam and told him our plans and said Ian had to be there, and he agreed.”

It was essentially that easy.

Although Ian was unable to enter the chapel, he nonetheless said Dot farewell in private. That is how it started, then. Adam understood that Ian should be there for Dot because he wanted to be there for June.

What will EastEnders say about this? (Image: BBC)

Addressing the current enigma, he remarked, “He’s on the phone to someone!”

We already know! Although Adam is Ian Beale, I believe he is now rather occupied.

It seems to have been a long-standing scheme, and now that Adam and Michelle have consented to participate, it might be the year’s most dramatic soap opera event.

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