Ellie Leach of Coronation Street discusses the darkest moment in Faye’s moving goodbye scene.

Following 12 years as Faye Windass in Corrie, Ellie is about to quit. (Image from ITV)

After 12 years of portraying Faye Windass on Coronation Street, Ellie Leach is preparing to leave the show.

In subsequent scenes, Faye will discover that she is having a difficult time accepting the thought that her daughter Miley (Frankie-Jae Simmonds) and ex-partner Jackson Hodge (Joseph Evans) are relocating to Slough without her.

As actress Ellie Leach disclosed, Craig Tinker (Colson Smith), who is coping with the idea of life without his girlfriend, has indicated that he has pondered telling the police about his cover up of Faye’s hit and run, has left Faye feeling more confined than ever.

“I think everyone is aware of Craig’s fun-loving personality, and we’ve never really seen him react in that way before,” says the speaker. He is always so kind, and everything with him is just la-di-dah.

“I get the impression that she is asking herself, where did this come from? Who is this individual? She is compelled to remain because she fears that information will come out, but she is also compelled to distance herself because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is essentially blackmailing her.

She must be in that relationship, though, or otherwise others will find out what really occurred, and she would be terrified of returning to jail, which she would never want to do. She certainly views him differently, in my opinion.

When Craig discovers how disturbed Faye is by the scenario, he will quickly alter his mind and urge her to pursue her actual ambitions.

Faye will go from her home in Weatherfield in moving sequences to begin over with her new family in Slough.

Ellie described the most depressing part of the emotional experience as she thought back on the last moments.

“It was extremely emotional.” Of course Faye is leaving the Street after 12 years, but I’m also going after 12 years.

Only lately have Jackson and Miley returned to Faye’s life, but she is desperate to keep them. (Image from ITV)

The most heartbreaking aspect of the picture is when we’re in the cab heading somewhere and we just happen to notice Craig strolling up the street by himself. “Stop the car!” cries Faye. I’ll always adore you, she declares as she steps outside. I’ve done so always and I always will.

It was just so emotionally charged. I believe you can tell that there are two persons involved who really care for one another. Love isn’t always enough, and I believe the moment made that point quite clear.

Ellie acknowledged that her last day on set was also an emotional one and that, while saying goodbye to Faye, she had shed “happy tears.”

“It was extremely emotional.” Faye has been here for 12 years, but for the last 12 years, this place has been my home and my life.

We shot the sequences out of order, so I had already shot my last scene the day before and had kind of travelled back in time. I shot my last scene with Colson, Mikey North, and Lisa George.

Since Mikey portrays my brother, it had been a long since I had collaborated with him.

“It was really, so emotional, but I sort of felt incredibly pleased and happy and loved,” the actor said after the sequence was over. “There were people on the floor and my family came to watch. The tears I shed were joyful ones as I thought, “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long and that all of these people are here to kind of wave me off.” After that, we headed out for drinks. Just an absolutely beautiful day and evening.

Ellie has said that she would miss the people the most about her time at Corrie after leaving the show.

She said, “I know that everyone says that we all get along so well and that we’re like a big family, but we really are.”

I feel that working alongside my closest friends has been a fantastic experience in and of itself. I have cherished it to the fullest. It’s surreal to be on one of the most popular soap operas ever, and it’s been an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.

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