Emmerdale reveals Will’s cringe nickname for Kim and we’re struggling to recover

No longer do we know what to believe (ITV image)

Emmerdale’s Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) portrays himself as a fearsome character who won’t allow anybody walk all over him, but it seems that even strong, intimidating men like Will Taylor have embarrassing nicknames for their female companions.

Thanks to Caleb (William Ash) and Nicky (Lewis Cope), who were occupied with attempting to install software on Kim’s computer, we discovered Will’s pet name for Kim (Claire King).

The two, who are linked to Kim Tate’s ex-husband, Frank Tate, were trying to get information from Kim about the operations of Home Farm so they could ultimately take over everything.

Fortunately, Caleb and Nicky were able to transfer the files and install the programme on Kim’s computer without her knowledge.

As the episode came to a conclusion, Nicky was on the phone with Caleb, who was in the pub’s back room viewing some luxury bags on his laptop.

Although Kim was the one looking through the luggage, not Caleb, the software on her computer allowed Caleb to see every single item.

One advantage of this was that Caleb could now read Kim’s emails, and shortly after, one from Will arrived.

Through an email, Caleb learned Will’s pet name for Kim (Image: ITV).

Will referred to Kim by her nickname at the beginning of the email, which Caleb thought to be quite humorous.

warm cake.

We are left wondering one thing: with the plan progressing in the correct way, is Caleb going to take over Home Farm sooner than we anticipated? We will recuperate from this by staying in a dark room for a solid 3-5 working days.

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