Nicky accepts his destiny with Gabby as he ditches his real love, according to Emmerdale spoilers Ally

Nicky just carried out Caleb’s directives. (Image from ITV)

In Friday’s (May 19) episode of Emmerdale, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) was forced into a difficult situation by Caleb (William Ash), who had been instructed by his father to move forward the date of his and Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) wedding.

Given that Nicky is only seeing Gabby as part of his and Caleb’s scheme and that, until today, he was also involved with a guy named Ally (Joshua Horrocks), it is clear that the last thing Nicky wants to do is wed Gabby.

Caleb is now motivated by his desire to eliminate Kim (Claire King) and seize control of Home Farm since he believes she was largely to blame for the murder of his father (Frank Tate).

If someone is wounded along the road, then so be it, according to Caleb, and the same principle also applies to his kid.

Caleb confronted Nicky last night when he stated he couldn’t maintain the act around Gabby and wanted to pull out of the plan after learning of his son’s sexual orientation.

He conveyed this viewpoint into tonight’s show by telling his kid that he needs to keep playing the part.

Ally is seen by Gabby as just Nicky’s pal (ITV image).

Ally ultimately had to be dumped by Nicky since he couldn’t accept his partner’s decisions.

As we could see the sorrow on his face, it was obvious that everything Nicky said about being free now that he isn’t with Ally was a total lie. Nevertheless, he felt compelled to follow his father’s instructions.

As the episode came to a conclusion, Caleb discovered what Nicky had done and said that because the plan is working so well, Nicky and Gabby must move the wedding date forward.

But how will this work out if Nicky is so keen to be with Ally?

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