Star of Emmerdale Samantha Giles suggests that Bernice and Bob are having a sexual relationship.

The situation is about to become worse! (Image from ITV)

As coworkers Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) learn they share a passion for writing mystery fiction, there will soon be a bit of a romantic merry-go-round in Emmerdale.

Back at the B&B, Wendy’s companion Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) is now conscious of his love for Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), a coworker. Complex!

While they are tasting wines for the B&B, Samantha Giles described how her character and Bob had a passionate moment.

Samantha said, “They’re trying wines because they’re getting so many negative reviews for the B&B and everyone is saying the wine is shit and it’s disgusting.” ‘As a result, Bob takes matters into his own hands, buys a large quantity of wine, and coercively says, “Right, we’re going to try these wines.” She just begins drinking it since, of course, she doesn’t want to do the spitting into a bucket thing.

They start to become a little tipsy and start sharing their emotions with one another. He moves in to kiss her but instead just tops up her glass.

If thus far that hasn’t seemed very suggestive, Samantha hinted that there was more to come, but poor Bernice ends up looking foolish.

She approaches him believing there would be a perfect opportunity to kiss him in the next scene, but he jerks away brusquely, leaving her with egg on her face, to put it mildly.

Naturally, wine is involved in this scenario, but according to Samantha, Bernice is beginning to develop genuine love emotions for her business colleague, and it’s not simply the alcohol’s influence.

She said, “I think she does have genuine feelings for him.”I believe she has formed some sincere sentiments as a result of their collaboration at work and more time spent together. She does, in my opinion, develop affections for people rather rapidly since she is extremely lonely, but I believe her feelings for Bob are sincere.

I imagine he’s pretty different from any male she’s dated in the past.

She has been single for a considerable amount of time, and I believe that her requirements in terms of the kind of guy she desires may have somewhat altered. Hasn’t she often abandoned older guys for younger ones? Men who seem to be exceptionally attractive on the surface, maybe conventionally handsome, or lively. I believe what she’s discovered with Bob has just been a much slower burn, solidifying their connection, learning more about him, and figuring out how they collaborate.

It’s simple for us to claim that Bob and Bernice just purchased the B&B (Image: ITV).

He does bother her, and she must undoubtedly irritate him, but the base is different, and I believe that’s what she’s loved. She has noticed to her astonishment that there is an appeal, a physical attraction as well, even though it seems safer and more secure.

But does Bob share your thoughts? We’ll see him struggling with his conscience in forthcoming episodes as he feels bad about the almost-kiss with Bernice behind Wendy’s back. Though he attempts to deny it due of Wendy, he discovers that he has emotions for Bernice as well. He is obviously unaware that Wendy has done much more than just come close to kissing Liam.

Although it’s unclear how everything will turn out given the complexity of the scenario, Samantha Giles is positive that she is really enjoying acting in these sequences with Bob and Wendy.

She said, “I’m enjoying it more than I have in a long time.” This doesn’t mean I haven’t appreciated it; rather, it simply lends it a bit more energy.

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