Is Ian Beale returning to EastEnders?

Could the recognisable figure be making a comeback? (Image: BBC)

Ian Beale is one of the most iconic and meme-able soap opera characters.

The enduring EastEnders character, portrayed by Adam Woodyatt, first debuted on our televisions in 1985’s first episode of the soap opera.

He is the longest-running character on the programme and has gone through a lot, being married five times, starting several companies, and having a long-running conflict with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Although Ian departed the soap opera in 2021, it wasn’t the last time we saw him since he was briefly seen during Dot Cotton’s burial, talking on the phone to an enigmatic figure.

Will Ian Beale return to Walford Square, though? This is what we do know.

Will Ian Beale be back on EastEnders?
The allegations are genuine; Ian will be joining his former wife Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who was previously thought to be dead, in the soap opera.

When Ian and Cindy first met in 1989, their turbulent romance was just getting started. The following year, they became engaged.

Cindy, however, became pregnant with her son Steven Beale as a consequence of a one-night encounter she had with Simon Wicks (Nick Berry).

Ian and Cindy are married, and Cindy makes Ian think Steven is their child. However, in true soap opera form, the truth finally surfaces in a shocking way, prompting Ian to make an attempt on his life before exacting vengeance on Simon.

The relationship between Ian and Cindy came to an end after a vehicle accident that Ian instigated when Cindy, Simon, and Steven left Walford together. Nevertheless, Cindy came back in 1992 after Simon left her behind.

Cindy, however, made a comeback to the programme in 1992 after Simon left her behind. After their reconciliation, Ian and Cindy had twins Lucy and Peter Beale.

It didn’t take Cindy long to resume her promiscuous behaviour, starting relationships with Simon’s half-brother David Wicks (Michael French) and lifeguard Matt (Toby Walton).

When Ian learned Cindy had passed away in 1998, the pair’s turbulent relationship came to an end.

Cindy hires a hitman to assassinate Ian during their last furious argument after Ian discovered Cindy cheating in order to keep custody of her kids.

Despite her change of heart, Ian is nevertheless shot, and Cindy is named the case’s top suspect. As a result, Cindy leaves Lucy behind and flees the Square with her boys.

Cindy finally enters jail as her vicious history catches up with her after Ian tracks her to Italy. In 1998, when he is jailed, Ian learns that Cindy has passed away after the birth of his lover Nick Holland’s (Dominic Taylor) kid.

For the triumphant comeback, Michelle Collins will play Cindy once again in her legendary role.

With show executives lately hinting at Ian’s comeback to the programme, he too will appear in the stunning narrative.

In the midst of Dot’s burial, show creator Chris Clenshaw revealed to us: “I called Adam and told him our plans and said Ian had to be there, and he agreed.”

It was essentially that easy.

Although Ian was unable to enter the chapel, he nonetheless said Dot farewell in private. That is how it started, then. Adam felt Ian should be with Dot for Dot, but he wanted to be there for June.

He’s talking to someone on the phone! We are aware of the offender! Although Adam is Ian Beale, I believe he is now rather occupied.

The person he was presumably speaking to was Cindy, whose arrival in the Square would shock everyone, especially Ian’s mother Kathy Beale (Gilliam Taylforth).

Adam recently said to the Daily Star that he ‘doesn’t know’ where life will lead him next and that he may even wind up doing a ‘lot of stage stuff’ or even films.

Regarding what will happen after EastEnders, he stated, “I’ll see what happens.” “Right now, I’m pretty happy.”

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