Spoilers for EastEnders: After Stacey’s antics, pregnant teenager Lily plans to abandon school.

Stacey’s secret is revealed (Image: BBC)

In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) well-intentioned efforts to help put food on the table for her family have major repercussions when her pregnant daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) chooses to stop going to school as a result of her.

Stacey got the idea from Freddie (Bobby Brazier), who was earning excellent money after building a fan following of individuals ready to appreciate the sight of his trotters. Stacey has been selling personal photographs of herself online for money.

Stacey finally decided that there was no danger in attempting Freddie’s strategy after exhausting all other possibilities to get a little more money for her family, including a run-in with a very unpleasant loan shark.

Sadly, when she shows up to Lily’s school to address a bullying issue, she is noticed, and we will see that her efforts do damage in following episodes. A few students recognised her from her Secret Cam page, and as soon as news gets out, it swiftly reaches Lily.

Lily feels quite ashamed of what her mother has been up to. Now that Stacey has begun working as a webcam model, the bullies have more reason to tease her than just the fact that she is expecting. Lily confronts her mother in front of the rest of the family, furious.

Stacey has been using the internet to market personal photos of herself (Image: BBC).

Stacey feels ashamed and finds it difficult to deal with the family, especially Jean (Gillian Wright), who is very hurt that her daughter would participate in something she views as filthy and repulsive.

For Lily the bullying only intensifies as a result of what Stacey’s done and she comes home insisting that she wants to leave school because she can’t face the bullies any more.

Will Stacey be able to convince her to change her mind?

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