As the date of Lola’s farewell episode is disclosed, EastEnders discloses when she will pass away.

Recently, Lola had one more excursion to the beach (Photo: BBC).

Although we already knew it was going to happen, EastEnders has finally made Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) passing official.

The adored character was given the sad news that she only had weeks to live rather than months after she was recently diagnosed with a brain cancer.

After hearing the news, Lola decided to make the most of the situation and left the hospital with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) for one more excursion to the beach.

The pair relished food and wine, strolls by the ocean, and talking about their first dates.

Jay and Lola’s conversations were sadly always tinged with melancholy since they realised their future will never be as they had planned.

Lola’s health will sadly worsen over the next few days, and it now appears that she will pass away on May 31—when Jay faces “the most difficult moment” of his life—despite a new teaser indicating she will be permitted to return to Walford and continue receiving care from the comfort of her home.

The start of the week is heavily focused on Billy (Perry Fenwick), Ben (Max Bowden), and the rest of Lola’s relatives and friends, even though it hasn’t been confirmed that Lola will pass away then.

Furthermore, we know that the EastEnders cast and crew have been seen shooting heartfelt funeral sequences, which means that we won’t have to wait long to witness them as well.

In an interview with The Sun, Danielle gushed over her last moments, calling it “the most beautiful episode of EastEnders,” but she also said that it took her a while to get up the nerve to read it.

Lola is going back home. (Image: BBC)

She said, “I didn’t want to read my final script.”

If we are at work, we pick them up at the script desk, and my final copies had been sitting there for a long time.

They kept asking whether I had already taken them, but I kept saying, “No, I don’t want to.”

Until I was ready, “I left them there.”

The most beautiful EastEnders episode I’ve ever read was also the toughest thing to read.

In the wake of Lola’s passing, EastEnders has also organised Lola-fest, a celebration of her life.

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