Spoilers for Emmerdale: Tom is startled to learn of a family murder

Tom struggles to accept the fact that his father murdered his grandpa (ITV image).

Since moving back to the Emmerdale village, Tom King (James Chase) and uncle Jimmy King (Nick Miles) have been gradually reestablishing contact. However, the disclosure of a significant family secret may cause them to break apart once again.

In subsequent scenes, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) will attempt to reconcile Tom and Jimmy after their last conversation became tense due to a reference to Tom’s father, Carl.

Cameron Murray killed Carl King in 2012 after telling Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that he had killed his father in 2006.

The King family is about to split up once again over this murder when Jimmy unintentionally told Tom that his father had murdered Tom King, the family’s namesake and grandpa.

On Christmas Day 2006, Tom flew out of a first-floor window, starting one of Emmerdale’s most elaborate whodunit plots.

Even though there were 10 suspects, including the three King brothers, the family was taken aback when Carl admitted that he was the one who had killed the person.

After being offered the choice to end his connection with her or forfeit his multi-million pound inheritance, Tom killed Carl because he didn’t like their relationship with Chas.

Tom just made a trip back to the community (ITV picture).

Tom Jr. is shocked to hear of his father’s patricide and bolts out of there right away.

Later, at the Woolpack, Jimmy goes up to Tom and makes another effort to protect Carl.

Tom, however, is unable to handle hearing about it, so they come face to face.

As their argument intensifies, Jimmy decides to permanently remove Tom out of his life.

Will Jimmy come to regret his choice?

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