Chloe Harris kisses Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale spoilers as she is much in love with him.

Parental ties (Image from ITV)

Although Chloe (Jessie Elland) begins to see something no one else does, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) of Emmerdale may be the filthy hound who has caused Charity (Emma Atkins) tremendous anguish and turned the rest of the community against him.

Chloe is in need of some stability right now since she has been through a lot recently with worries about her parenting, Reuben’s near-death experience, and the disclosure of Reuben’s paternity to Charity.

Despite all Mack has done, including attempting to get her to have an abortion, he is the father of her newborn son, who is all she is concerned about.

She knows her kid deserves more since she spent 19 years without her own natural mother. She is also appreciative of the fact that they are finally getting along like a house on fire.

To Chloe’s joy, Mack and Chloe have successfully formed a parental bond now that everything is out in the open. But things will soon go far further than that.

The couple is content with the current situation and Mack’s lack of need to sneak visits to his kid. He promises to be there for Reuben, which is precisely what Chloe, a struggling new mother, needs to hear.

The fact that the little man has been given the all-clear makes it a very wonderful occasion, and Chloe kisses him with her emotions running high.

Although Mack rejects her right away, she is not in the least bit surprised since she is familiar with him well enough to know that he seldom knows what he wants the first time. In actuality, the reverse is true. Instead, she begins to fantasise about a future with him and develops a strong romantic interest in him.

After her discovery, Charity’s whole life came crashing down (Image: ITV).

Later, much to Charity’s dismay, Moses sees Mackenzie out and about and joyously runs up to him. She has to unwillingly let the two to catch up, and Mack takes the chance to briefly narrow the distance between them. Charity can’t pretend to herself that she doesn’t like being so close to her ex. However, she could experience excruciating discomfort.

Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) notices Chloe’s post-kiss glow and questions her sibling about her plans with Mack since she has that sisterly sixth sense. She cautions Chloe not to do it, but if the recent past is any indication, Chloe is nothing if not tenacious. What action will she take next? Is Charity in store for yet another heartbreaking dose?

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