Emmerdale spoilers: Wendy leaves Liam, leaving him devastated

Say it’s not true! (Image from ITV)

Is Emmerdale’s hottest and most strangest romance set to end as quickly as the great October storm?

We truly hope not, since it was a thrill to see Liam and Wendy gyrating towards one another while dressed as murder suspects.

Wendy felt instant remorse, which may have been a hint that their relationship wouldn’t last long. But is Liam really ready to give up so quickly?

Unfortunately for Liam (Jonny McPherson), Wendy (Susan Cookson) is feeling very uneasy and terrible about cheating on Bob as a result of their fling. She can’t deny that she enjoyed herself with the Love Doctor, however. However, she doesn’t intend to let her come near to him once again since that nectar is just too delicious! We understand, Wendy.

That night in the surgery, Liam had a ball. It wasn’t only the fandango beneath the covers; it was also a coming together of the brains as Wendy assisted him in finishing his writing. Now, he envisions a long-term relationship. After a horrific year, Liam has finally met someone who makes him feel wonderful. He is young, unmarried, and free. He is not prepared to let it slide.

But the aspiring writer is about to get terrible news. Wendy has remained resistant despite his efforts to change her mind. She claims that they won’t ever be together again. We have a feeling Liam won’t give up so quickly, and Wendy doesn’t seem quite ready to let things go either.

Susan Cookson, an actress, previously told Metro.co.uk that Liam is the one who wants the sex to continue. She stated that Wendy must remain calm because of her regret.

She [Wendy] is heartbroken about it and essentially tells Liam that this needs to cease. It was momentary insanity, she said.

Over so quickly! (Image from ITV)

Although it was a lot of fun, it has to end since she and Bob have a serious and significant relationship. Does Liam really want it to continue?

But in the end, it seems that Wendy just is unable to control herself, as Susan admitted: “The physicality’s over with.” But I believe Wendy is becoming more emotionally involved with Liam.

Is there still any chance for them? (Excuse me, Bob.

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