Returning to ‘be married in a grand summer wedding’ is a big Emmerdale tale.

Will it be successful this time? (Image from ITV)

It has just been suggested that Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), who has recently announced her impending return to the Emmerdale village, may be the one to be married this summer.

This follows previous remarks from Jane Hudson, the show’s executive producer, who said: “I can tell you there is another wedding coming up before we get to the end of summer.

I’m not going to say who. And before the summer is out, we’ll be welcoming back a familiar face. When this well-known face returns to the performance, I believe the crowd will be overjoyed.

Amy left the programme last year to have Bonnie, a child she had with EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith, when she was on maternity leave.

Tracy left the village for a new career in the soap opera when her romance with Nate (Jurell Carter) fell apart.

However, the actress recently revealed through Instagram that she has resumed shooting in the Dales.

New claims from The Sun indicate that Tracy will be married shortly as she adjusts to life in the hamlet. But if her romance with Nate has irrevocably ended, who will she ultimately wed?

In October of last year, Tracy made a brief reappearance (ITV image).

Could we soon get to meet Ollie, the guy she is presently engaged to?

In October of last year, Tracy briefly returned to the community as a part of the soap opera’s 50th anniversary and Faith’s (Sally Dexter) cancer plot.

With Diane (Elizabeth Estensen), Aaron (Danny Miller), and others, she went back to be with Faith in her dying hours.

When Tracy talked to Faith in the pub’s back room, she was overcome with emotion. Tracy had the opportunity to thank Faith one last time for helping her when she needed it after Frankie’s birth while she was suffering from post-natal depression as they laughed together over the little Frankie.

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