Spoilers for EastEnders: Disappointed Because he returns too late, Ben is unable to say his last goodbyes to Lola.

Concerned about Ben’s whereabouts are his loved ones (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In EastEnders, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has reacted in denial to Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold)’s brain cancer and has refused to believe that she would really pass away.

Ben stayed up late at night searching the internet for any therapies that hadn’t been tried and specialists who may be able to assist, while others, like Jay (Jamie Borthwick), had to unwillingly accept that they were going to lose Lola soon.

It’s his coping mechanism, but may his determination to look into cures mean that he won’t be there to say goodbye to his close friend Lola?

In subsequent episodes, Lola has another seizure, which prompts Jay to seek for help. The nurse delivers the news to Jay that Lola is dying and that they are getting close to the end.

Though Lola drifts in and out of consciousness, Jay remains at her side despite his understandable grief. The nurse advises him that now is the time for relatives and friends to say their last goodbyes and that his wife’s bouts of unconsciousness would get longer and longer as her death draws near.

While seeing Lola for the final time, Kim (Tameka Empson), Denise (Diane Parish), and other friends surprise her by preparing a welcoming for her in the Square so that everyone may express their condolences.

However, one somebody who ought to be there isn’t. While everything are happening in Walford, Ben is halfway across the globe in America looking for a last-minute medical solution that may be able to prolong Lola’s life.

Billy (Perry Fenwick), Jay, and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) all voice their annoyance at Ben’s behaviour, as well as their anger that Ben isn’t there to support Lexi (Isabella Brown) and see Lola.

Even worse, Callum and the others are worried since Ben hasn’t spoken to them in a few days despite the fact that they are aware of his struggles. They worry about what would happen to Ben if he misses this last opportunity to say farewell.

Callum is compelled by Kathy to find Ben using his sleuthing prowess (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

Due of his extreme worry, Phil (Steve McFadden) declares that he would search for his kid in America on his own. In order to locate any hints as to Ben’s precise whereabouts, Kathy and Callum explore the apartment. She tells him he’s being silly since he has no idea where to start searching.

Callum’s phone finally rings, and it’s Ben. He is going to get on an aircraft and return to London.

Callum withholds the fact that Lola has just a short while left because he is so terrified that Ben won’t make it in time and that he would never forgive himself if Lola passes away before he gets back.

Ben may not arrive in time.

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