A comedian joins the set of Coronation Street, and a local is a familiar figure from her past.

For a brief visit, Arabella Weir will be a guest on Coronation Street (Image: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Arabella Weir, star of The Fast Show, will soon be playing a new role on Coronation Street.

The actress has recorded a cameo for the ITV soap opera in which she plays the part of Yvette.

Aggie and Ed Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw and Trevor Michael Georges) had known Yvette from the days when they were well-off.

The Baileys will cross her path again, and she will be stunned by how different their lives have become.

Posh Nosh, Skins, and Two Doors Down are just a few of the comedic roles for which actress Arabella is known.

Her major break was on the BBC comic sketch programme The Fast programme in 1994.

Perhaps the most well-known of her characters was Insecure Woman, who was always concerned about how her appearance made her bum seem.

Getting Arabella is a major accomplishment. The Sun was informed by a source.

She is a genuine comedic icon as well as a superb actor.

She has entertaining sequences, and her admirers will be overjoyed to see her on the cobblestones.

Early in June, Yvette will walk the cobblestones with her husband Patrick, who will be portrayed by Royle Family actor Phil Mealey.

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