After a co-star from Emmerdale divorced, Jonny McPherson reveals his relationship with his partner of two years.

The actor and his co-star were in a relationship (Image: ITV).

Jonny McPherson, a star of Emmerdale, has spoken out about his new relationship after dating Natalie J. Robb.

Liam Cavanagh and Moira Barton, who are portrayed by soap opera actors, began dating in January 2020 and announced their relationship in the summer.

The two decided to live together throughout the quarantine when the first Coronavirus lockdown started in March.

However, news that the pair had broken up surfaced in 2021.

However, Jonny has now acknowledged that he has been in a new relationship for two years. He has kept his partner’s name a secret to respect her privacy.

He admitted to being with someone to OK! Magazine.

“She is fantastic in every way.” We’ve been dating for a few years. I’m incredibly pleased.

Jonny’s character in Emmerdale is presently involved in an unexpected love triangle with Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson).

Together, the co-stars started lockdown (Instagram photo).

They became friends once Wendy learned that Liam enjoyed writing murder-mystery novels, but there may soon be tragedy as Wendy will adamantly inform Liam that their secret connection should cease since she is happily married to Bob (Tony Audenshaw).

Susan Cookson, an actress, previously said that Liam is the one who wants the intercourse to continue. She stated that Wendy must remain calm because of her regret.

Liam and Wendy are now involved in a love triangle narrative (ITV).

She [Wendy] is heartbroken about it and essentially tells Liam that this needs to cease. It was a moment of insanity, she said.

Although it was a lot of fun, it has to end since she and Bob have a serious and significant relationship. Does Liam really want it to continue?

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