Patsy Kensit, a star of EastEnders and Emmerdale, gets a new part in a big drama.

Recently, Patsy quit her position as Emma in EastEnders. (Image: BBC)

Patsy Kensit, a star of the soap opera industry who is most known for her roles in EastEnders, Emmerdale, and Holby City, has been cast in the next season of Death in Paradise.

The actress, who most recently quit her position as Emma in EastEnders, will co-star with Ralf Little, who performs the part of DI Neville Parker, the show’s current principal detective.

Each episode centred on a murder that occurs on the island, which Neville and his team of Marlon (Tahj Miles), Naomi (Shantol Jackson), and Darlene (Ginny Holder) then investigate as guest actors and well-known actors play the suspects.

A source recently told The Sun that Patsy “will play a posh totty in the drama and was in her element as she filmed in the Caribbean,” however the specific part Patsy will play is presently unclear since this series won’t debut until January 2024.

In EastEnders, Patsy played the long-lost mother of Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

After finding that her kid had an untreatable brain tumour, the main character moved to Walford.

After hearing of Lola’s condition, Emma travelled to Walford (Photo: BBC).

After revealing why her mother had abandoned her when she was a youngster, Lola first refused to interact with her but later chose to welcome her back.

After Lola said that she wouldn’t speak to Emma again, the character left Albert Square a few weeks after Patsy announced that she had quit her role as Emma.

Death in Paradise’s next season will premiere in January 2024 (Image: BBC).

Lola just received the devastating news that her palliative chemo had stopped working and she now only had weeks to live.

Lola will pass away on May 31 as Jay experiences “the most difficult moment” of his life, according to the BBC One soap opera.

In an interview with The Sun, Danielle gushed over her last moments, calling it “the most beautiful episode of EastEnders,” but she also said that it took her a while to get up the nerve to read it.

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