Spoilers for Coronation Street: A touching wedding, a shocking court case, and heartache in the hospital

In the same week, there will be a wedding and a court drama (ITV).

Coronation Street will experience intense drama and emotion the following week when the programme switches timeslots for five episodes to coincide with the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent.

As Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) battles his symptoms on the day of sister Gemma Winter’s (Dolly-Rose Campbell) wedding to Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), three significant storylines come to a head.

He is determined to accompany the bride down the aisle, but after giving a moving speech, it seems Gemma is going to experience grief as the gravity of the situation begins to sink in.

Away from the wedding festivities, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and Andrew Still’s acid attacker Justin (Daisy Midgeley, Charlotte Jordan) are in court to defend themselves.

Ryan boldly takes the stage to speak about the awful incidents that have permanently damaged both his physical and mental health.

He and Daisy are shocked, however, when Justin’s defence attorney claims that they are in love and that they planned the acid assault together.

The victims of Justin’s crime are then made to worry that they won’t get justice as he stands in front of the jury to spread his heinous falsehoods.

In the meanwhile, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) are concerned about Roy Cropper (David Neilson)’s mental health due to his impending surgery.

Before going to the hospital, the café king sends letters to the people he cares about in the event that he passes away.

Additionally, Evelyn is taken aback by his admission in her message.

The episodes will premiere on ITV at 7:30pm next Monday, so here’s what to anticipate.

on May 29th

I do, say Gemma and Chesney (Image: ITV)

Billy makes an effort to get Paul to go to Gemma’s wedding as she gets ready for it.

Gemma has been sobbing, and Paul apologises after learning this from Joseph. The crowd in the church watches as Gemma is escorted down the aisle by Paul as he struggles with his symptoms while wearing the stunning gown of her dreams.

To the applause of family and friends, the couple exchanges vows as it seems like nothing can go wrong on their special day.

But how would Bernie respond if she learns that Linda paid for the wedding in secret? In an effort to calm things down,

Paul gives a speech, but after becoming upset, he drags his feet in leaving. Will Gemma experience heartache on her wedding day?

Karen, Justin’s sister, contacts the Rovers and apologises to Daisy for Justin’s assault and expresses her hope that he will be sent down. Daisy is moved by her encouragement.

Nina informs Evelyn that Roy is once again sleepwalking as he frets about his own procedure while Freddie has surgery.

Monday, May 30

Paul sobs in front of Gemma (ITV image).

Chesney is joined by Gemma for the first dance. As Billy and Bernie start dancing, Paul brings Gemma up for a duet because he wants to enjoy life while he still can.

A fight breaks out between Carla and Ryan as they discover Justin’s sister playing for the Rovers. Ryan makes fun of Daisy and recalls how she went out of her way to separate him from Alya while hurling obscenities.

Tuesday, May 31

Paul takes Billy with him to his appointment. (Image from ITV)

Karen acknowledges that she informed Justin’s attorney about Daisy’s history of deception as Ryan heads to court.

Ryan, who is too upset to face the judge, lets himself back into Street Cars’ apartment. Carla frantically attempts to phone Ryan after he doesn’t show up for court.

Ryan tells Daisy at the apartment that Karen had been spying on them, and Daisy is shocked. Ryan is urged by Daisy to change his mind since Justin may be let off the hook without his proof.

Paul said he’ll learn today whether he can get Tofersen therapy. Paul is accompanied by Billy to the MND expert visit.

Roy, Nina, and Evelyn go to look for Freddie after realising he had been sleepwalking once again and had left the café door open. Roy informs Nina about his procedure and gives Evelyn a stack of letters to deliver in the event that he passes away.

Thursday June 1

Daisy and Justin are in court (ITV).

Daisy is anxious about going up against Justin in court without Ryan’s support. Daniel urges Ryan to change his mind, pointing out that Daisy would live in perpetual terror if Justin is allowed to go free, but Ryan refuses.

Daisy breaks down and tells Daniel she can’t face it as the usher calls her into the courtroom. Daniel enters the witness stand and describes to the court how Justin pursued Daisy nonstop before to his acid assault.

When Carla sees Daisy preparing to escape, she tells her to get to her feet so she can show Justin that he has no power over her.

Daisy enters the witness box as Daniel is interrogated by the defence attorney, who portrays Daisy as erratic and easily upset. Will she possess the fortitude to deal with Justin and relive the assault?

Evelyn searches Roy’s correspondence until she locates the one that is addressed to her. In a frantic attempt to read what it says, she raises it up to the light.

As Roy is carried away for his procedure at the hospital, Evelyn squeezes his hand and offers her best wishes. Roy is visibly anxious.

Billy arrives in the church minibus and informs Paul that he has borrowed it for their trip as Paul finishes packing some last-minute items for their vacation.

Friday June 2

Yasmeen is at Roy’s side in bed (ITV image).

Ryan steps into the witness box and tells the court about how Justin hurled the acid with the intention of hitting Daisy, but he received the full power instead, suffering excruciating agony.

Ryan and Daisy are shocked when the defence attorney cross-examines them and implies that Ryan is in love with Daisy and that the two of them planned the acid assault together.

How would Justin explain the events when he enters the witness box? How will the judge respond to his claims?

Evelyn reads Roy’s letter and is moved by how much he values her. She is surprised to discover Yasmeen at Roy’s bedside with her own unique surprise when she arrives to the hospital to express her own emotions.

Will Evelyn get the chance to be honest with Roy?

Billy and Paul are being waved off on their caravan vacation by Bernie, Gemma, Todd, Summer, Dee-Dee, and Ed after they had adorned the minibus with inflatable animals.

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