Tom is stunned by Belle’s revelation of having schizophrenia in Emmerdale.

Belle reveals more to Tom (Images from ITV)

When it comes to discoveries, Emmerdale’s Tom (James Chase) has shown himself to be a bit of a delicate flower. After discovering that his dad killed his grandpa and that his fiancée Belle participated in Gemma’s death, he almost lost it.

Because of his emotional personality and his bristling at even the slightest reference of their shared family history, his connection with his uncle Jimmy (Nick Miles) has grown shaky. The main concern is how he would handle more shocking revelations.

The good news is that despite Jimmy first swearing off him for the sake of his family, they decide to start again. He and Tom make the decision to put Carl behind them since they need to live their lives free of the burden of his sinful past.

Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) makes the courageous decision to enlighten her about her struggles with her mental health, particularly her schizophrenia, when she feels that they are in a strong position.

She is afraid to do so, but she is so anxious for an honest and open relationship that she wants to come clean about everything.

What effect will this have on their marriage? (Image from ITV)

Tom is stunned beyond belief.

To everyone’s amazement, though, Tom controls his emotions this time, and he moves in to kiss her. He seemed to have had the ability to pause and process the facts before responding for once.

Belle finally feels confident in their relationship, and it’s a lovely moment between the two. But is she already feeling too at ease?

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