Coronation Street airs emotional exit of major character – with very sad moment

Faye has moved on to a new life (ITV image)

Ellie Leach’s character Faye Windass has left Coronation Street to start over with Jackson (Joseph Evans) and their daughter Miley in Slough.

Craig (Colson Smith) sought to stop the character from leaving after she acknowledged that she was rekindling her affections for Jackson.

He threatened to inform the police about her and Emma’s (Alexandra Mardell) hit-and-run incident from January of last year, which led to the death of an elderly man named Ted when they struck him with their vehicle.

Faye was prevented from returning to jail by Craig’s protection, but he made use of this to his advantage by claiming that if she left, she would tell the police everything.

In the ITV soap opera airing on Wednesday, May 24, several family pictures starring Miley, Jackson, Tim (Joe Duttine), Sally (Sally Dynevor), and Gary (Mikey North) led Craig to suspect that Faye may not have been as eager to remain in Weatherfield as she had said.

He advised his lover to go to Slough if she would be genuinely happy there.

Faye was able to pack her things and get ready for her trip with tears of relief in her eyes.

Faye said her farewells one more time (Images: ITV).

Tim drove Faye and her new family out of the street as she bid Gary and Sally farewell.

Faye saw Craig while they were still on their way and got out to say farewell.

Faye professed her undying love for Craig and thanked him for helping to shape who she is today. Since their days in elementary school, Craig and Faye have been friends. Craig helped Faye through her pregnancy and was always there for her.

After giving Craig a cheek kiss, Faye jumped back into the taxi, eager to go on her next adventure.

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